2012-02-21 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'glassrose/debug-window...
2012-02-21 Guillaume Desmottesdrag_data_received_individual_id: make sure manager...
2012-02-21 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2012-02-21 Guillaume Desmottestp_call_channel_add_content_async() now takes the direction
2012-02-21 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on tp-farstream 0.2.1
2012-02-21 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/call1' into master...
2012-02-21 Guillaume Desmottesdepend on tp-glib 0.17.5
2012-02-21 Chandni VermaLicense to publish the author's pastebin API developer...
2012-02-21 Chandni Verma"Send to pastebin" button in EmpathyDebugWindow
2012-02-20 Kenneth NielsenUpdated Danish translation
2012-02-20 Ihar HrachyshkaUpdated Belarusian translation.
2012-02-20 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2012-02-19 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2012-02-19 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2012-02-19 Christian Kirbach[l10n] Updated German doc translation
2012-02-19 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2012-02-18 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2012-02-18 Anas Afif EmadUpdated Arabic translation
2012-02-18 Alexander ShopovUpdated Bulgarian translation
2012-02-17 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-02-17 Javier JardónUse new documentation infraestructure
2012-02-17 Guillaume Desmotteschat-window: invite contacts using DnD
2012-02-17 Brian CurtisPatch to change Yes/No to Accept/Reject
2012-02-17 Guillaume Desmotteschat-window: display a phone icon in the tab label
2012-02-17 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2012-02-17 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-02-17 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'glassrose/add-All-service...
2012-02-16 Piotr DrągUpdated POTFILES.in
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmotteslocal-xmpp-assistant-widget: increase row-spacing
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesuse the 48x48 version of the local-xmpp icon
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesmove the second part of the message at the end of the...
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmotteswidget-local-xmpp: expand the entry fields
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmotteslocal-xmpp-assistant-widget: inherit from a GtkGrid
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottessalut-dialog: use 'Skip' instead of 'Ignore'
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy-auto-salut-account-helper
2012-02-16 Guillaume DesmottesRemove empathy-account-assistant
2012-02-16 Guillaume DesmottesStop using the accounts assistant
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-accounts: remove --assistant option
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-dialog: suggest to create a salut account
2012-02-16 Guillaume DesmottesMove should_create_salut_account to local-xmpp-assistan...
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-local-xmpp-assistant-widget
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-dialog: display the import dialog if there...
2012-02-16 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-dialog: improve the 'no protocol installed...
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts_dialog_add_account: select if that's the first...
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-dialog: move the 'no protocol' message to...
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-dialog: remove hbox_protocol
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-dialog: don't automatically open the add account
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesimport-dialog: set a verb on the 'Ok' button
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesimport-dialog: expand and fill the import widget
2012-02-16 Guillaume DesmottesPass EmpathyConnectionManagers to the import widget
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out display_import_dialog()
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottesremove useless include
2012-02-16 Guillaume Desmottescoding style fixes
2012-02-16 Wylmer WangUpdate Simplified Chinese translation.
2012-02-15 Yuri MyasoedovUpdated Russian translation
2012-02-15 Ihar HrachyshkaUpdated Belarusian translation.
2012-02-15 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chat: keep the individual manager alive as...
2012-02-15 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chat: use empathy_ensure_individual_from_tp_con...
2012-02-15 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_ensure_individual_from_tp_contact()
2012-02-15 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_individual_manager_lookup_by_contact()
2012-02-15 Guillaume Desmottesset the presence message as a tooltip on its label
2012-02-15 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-dialog: ellipsize presence message
2012-02-14 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2012-02-14 Guillaume DesmottesDisplay a spinner while loading contacts from Folks
2012-02-14 Guillaume Desmottesindividual-manager: add API to know when contacts have...
2012-02-14 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2012-02-13 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-02-13 Guillaume Desmottestls-dialog: add accessor on the 'Continue' button
2012-02-13 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-02-13 Patrick F.... Toggle telling others you are typing to them
2012-02-12 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2012-02-12 Bruno BrouardUpdated French doc translation
2012-02-11 Ihar HrachyshkaUpdated Belarusian translation.
2012-02-10 Will ThompsonDon't unhighlight chat tabs when more messages are...
2012-02-10 Guillaume Desmottesstart_gnome_contacts: make sure individual is valid
2012-02-10 Guillaume Desmottesfix individual_info_menu_item_activate_cb signature
2012-02-10 Will ThompsonContactInfo: always escape IRC channel names in markup
2012-02-09 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-02-09 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-call: call XInitThreads()
2012-02-09 Guillaume Desmottesstop using clutter_gst_video_sink_new()
2012-02-09 Guillaume DesmottesAdd a gsetting key to show/hide groups
2012-02-09 Guillaume Desmottesaccount-widget-jabber: doesn't allow negative priority
2012-02-09 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-02-09 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2012-02-09 Tiffany Antopolskipo: Updated en_CA.po
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottescontact-widget: use 'Personal Details' when editing...
2012-02-08 Mako N[l10n] Update Japanese translation
2012-02-08 Guillaume DesmottesRemove unused persona store/view
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottesremove linking UI
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottesindividual-menu: remove link-contacts-activated signal
2012-02-08 Guillaume DesmottesRemove 'Link Contact' menu item
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottesdisable clutter deprecation warnings for now
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottesadd missing config.h
2012-02-08 Guillaume DesmottesTry installing gnome-contacts using PackageKit
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-pkg-kit
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out start_gnome_contacts()
2012-02-08 Guillaume DesmottesFactor out show_gnome_contacts_error_dialog()
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottesimprove TP_ERROR_STR_ALREADY_CONNECTED displayed error...
2012-02-08 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation