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Project Description Owner Last Change
barnard.git Fork of Barnard, a terminal-based client for the Mumble voice... 3 months ago
botaradio.git Mumble bot to assist in radio usage (fork of botamusique) 3 months ago
chloro.git Code de 2 weeks ago
django-panik-combo.git Cellules supplémentaires pour le CMS de Panik (application Django) 2 weeks ago
django-panik-emissions.git Base de données des émissions Panik (application Django) 2 weeks ago
django-panik-matos.git Inventaire du matériel de Panik (application Django) 2 weeks ago
django-panik-newsletter.git Gestion newsletter Panik (application Django) 2 weeks ago
django-panik-nonstop.git Interactions avec le nonstop de Panik (application Django) 2 days ago
earwig.git First bits of a podcast aggregator 15 months ago
empathy.git Fork of (was not supposed to be... 5 years ago
jack_mixer.git Jack Audio Mixer 12 days ago
jackwsmeter.git jack meter over websockets 5 years ago
mandayejs.git saml reverse proxy 5 years ago
nanofun.git Sample player targetting the nanoPAD2 and nanoKONTROL2 MIDI contr... 2 years ago
panikdb.git Interface de gestion pour les données et le site de Panik 2 days ago
panikweb.git Site web de Radio Panik 2 weeks ago
pige-extractor.git Interface de récupération d'archives de Panik 4 years ago
recent.git mark recent files from the command line 5 years ago
wcs-on-openshift.git obsolete bits to get w.c.s. running on an openshift instance 4 years ago