2012-03-24 Sasi Bhushan... Updated Telugu Translation
2012-03-24 Sasi BhushanUpdated Telugu translation
2012-03-24 Duarte LoretoUpdated Portuguese translation
2012-03-23 Timo JyrinkiUpdated Finnish translation by Jiri Grönroos
2012-03-22 Guillaume Desmottesroster-window: check which page to display once Folks...
2012-03-22 Guillaume DesmottesUse help:empathy to open the help
2012-03-22 Guillaume Desmottesadd translator comment for the sanity-cleaning-number key
2012-03-22 Guillaume Desmottesdebug-window: no need to translate the '%s' format
2012-03-22 Guillaume Desmottesaccount-widget-irc: add translators comment on up/down...
2012-03-22 Kenneth NielsenUpdated Danish translation
2012-03-22 Sweta KothariUpdated Gujarati Translations
2012-03-22 Nguyễn Thái... Updated Vietnamese translation
2012-03-22 Nguyễn Thái... po/vi: import from Damned Lies
2012-03-21 Cosimo Cecchiaccounts-dialog: set a column spacing for the GtkInfoBa...
2012-03-21 Cosimo Cecchiaccount-widget: set shadow_type=in for advanced scrolle...
2012-03-21 Sasi BhushanUpdated Telugu Translations
2012-03-20 Antonio Fernandes... Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
2012-03-20 Bruno BrouardUpdated French translation
2012-03-20 Bruno BrouardUpdated French translation
2012-03-20 Automatic MirroringUpdate Simplified Chinese translation.
2012-03-20 EL8LatSPQupdate Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) translation
2012-03-20 A S Alamupdate Punjabi Translation
2012-03-20 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.92
2012-03-20 Guillaume Desmottesactually check the required clutter-gtk version
2012-03-20 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on a specific version of clutter-gst
2012-03-19 Shankar PrasadUpdated Kannada Translation
2012-03-19 Shankar PrasadUpdated Kannada Translation
2012-03-19 Praveen ArimbrathodiyilMalayalam translation updated by Sadiq and me
2012-03-19 Shankar PrasadUpdated Kannada Translation
2012-03-18 Shankar PrasadUpdated Kannada Translation
2012-03-18 Milo Casagrande[l10n] Updated Italian translation
2012-03-18 Alexander ShopovUpdated Bulgarian translation
2012-03-18 Aurimas ČerniusUpdated Lithuanian translation
2012-03-18 Daniel KorostilUploaded Ukranian
2012-03-18 Marek ČernockýUpdated Czech translation
2012-03-18 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2012-03-18 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2012-03-17 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2012-03-17 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2012-03-17 Yuri KozlovUpdated Russian translation
2012-03-16 Carles Ferrando[l10n]Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation
2012-03-16 Gil Forcada[l10n] Updated Catalan translation
2012-03-16 Wouter BolsterleeUpdated Dutch translation
2012-03-16 Hannie DumoleynUpdated Dutch translation
2012-03-16 Gabor KelemenUpdated Hungarian translation
2012-03-16 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2012-03-16 Bruce CowanUpdated British English translation
2012-03-16 Nilamdyuti... Assamese translation updated
2012-03-16 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2012-03-16 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-03-16 Guillaume DesmottesBump Gtk+ dep
2012-03-16 Emanuele AinaFix crash on hangup with no video
2012-03-16 Guillaume DesmottesPOTFILES.in: add empathy-calendar-button.c
2012-03-16 Emanuele AinaDon't restart a call if one already in progress
2012-03-16 Guillaume Desmottescontact-widget: right align contact info fields
2012-03-16 Guillaume Desmottescontact-widget: don't display the account when editing...
2012-03-16 Guillaume DesmottesDon't display parameters if Parameters_Exact is not Set
2012-03-16 Guillaume Desmottescontact-widget: use EmpathyCalendarButton
2012-03-16 Guillaume Desmottesadd EmpathyCalendarButton
2012-03-16 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2012-03-15 Carles Ferrando[l10n]Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation
2012-03-15 Gil Forcada[l10n]Updated Catalan translation
2012-03-15 Emanuele AinaDisconnect when a call is ENDED
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmottesreload the account widget when connection is (dis)connected
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmottescreate_dialog_content: check if the TpConnection is...
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out account_is_selected()
2012-03-15 A S Alamupdate Punjabi Translation
2012-03-15 Nilamdyuti... Assamese translation updated
2012-03-15 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmottessanity-cleaning: set fallback-servers on Facebook accounts
2012-03-15 Guillaume DesmottesSet chat.facebook.com:443 as fallback server
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmottesgoa plugin: set chat.facebook.com as 'server' param
2012-03-15 Guillaume DesmottesFree the GError in Geoclue callbacks
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmotteslocation-manager: use geoclue_master_client_create_addr...
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmotteslocation-manager: use geoclue_master_client_create_posi...
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmotteslocation-manager: use geoclue_master_client_set_require...
2012-03-15 Guillaume Desmotteslocation-manager: use geoclue_master_create_client_async()
2012-03-15 Guillaume DesmottesBump geoclue dep
2012-03-15 A S Alamupdate Punjabi Translation
2012-03-14 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2012-03-14 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2012-03-14 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-03-14 Matej UrbančičUpdated Slovenian translation
2012-03-14 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2012-03-14 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'em/trivia'
2012-03-13 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote-tracking branch 'gulic/buttons-668464'
2012-03-13 Milo Casagrande[l10n] Updated Italian translation
2012-03-13 Rudolfs MazursUpdated Latvian translation.
2012-03-13 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2012-03-13 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2012-03-13 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'em/trivia'
2012-03-13 Emanuele AinaExplain how to load custom GStreamer plugins
2012-03-13 Guillaume Desmottesindividual-menu: only use 'gnome-contacts' with individ...
2012-03-13 Guillaume DesmottesRevert "remove empathy-individual-information-dialog"
2012-03-13 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2012-03-13 Jovanka GulicoskaToolbar and Treeview merged
2012-03-13 Jovanka GulicoskaRemove size group from Blocked Contacts dialog
2012-03-13 Jovanka GulicoskaServer field expanded
2012-03-09 Djavan FagundesUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Antonio...