2012-05-16 Piotr DrągUpdated POTFILES.in
2012-05-16 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'misc'
2012-05-16 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-05-16 Danielle MadeleyRemove dead map view component
2012-05-16 Danielle MadeleyReadd Ctrl-H accelerator
2012-05-15 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2012-05-15 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2012-05-15 Guillaume DesmottesAuthentification → Authentication
2012-05-15 Guillaume DesmottesWarn on tp-glib 0.20 deprecations
2012-05-15 Guillaume Desmottesremove tp-contact-factory
2012-05-15 Guillaume Desmottesremove unused tp-contact-factory includes
2012-05-15 Guillaume Desmottescontact-widget: use empathy_client_factory_dup_contact_...
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyReadd Ctrl-J for Join Room
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyDon't mark actions/accels as translatable
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyTweak account balance display
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyUse (non-)starred-symbolic for presence chooser
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyRemove contact list size radiobuttons from preferences
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyAdd preference to show account balances
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyRefactor app menu as per design decision
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyRemove menu button, have only app menu
2012-05-15 Danielle Madeleypreferences: move some items from Behaviour into Chat
2012-05-15 Danielle Madeleypreferences: add options removed from View into preferences
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyRemove dead object from .ui file
2012-05-15 Danielle Madeleypreferences: remove a lot of bind-and-forget widgets...
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyRemove dead code
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyRework balance display to be in-roster only
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyMark the options for the sort-criterion enum
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyRemove all old view menu handling code with GSettings...
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyAdd the app menu using the same model as the menu button
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyChange the roster menu to a flat menu structure
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyMove the menu to a button ala Web
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyRemove view history action
2012-05-15 Danielle MadeleyPort roster-window-menubar.ui to current GMenu builder...
2012-05-15 Guillaume Desmottesroster-window: migrate menu bar to GtkBuilder
2012-05-15 Guillaume DesmottesEmpathyMainWindow: inherit from GtkApplicationWindow
2012-05-15 Guillaume Desmottesstop passing the main window to empathy_sound_manager_p...
2012-05-15 Guillaume Desmottesturn EmpathyContactWidget to be a proper GtkWidget
2012-05-11 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-4'
2012-05-11 Guillaume Desmottesaccount-widget-irc: Quit label should be in the first...
2012-05-11 Guillaume Desmottescoding style fix
2012-05-11 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2012-05-11 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-05-11 Guillaume Desmottescontact-blocking-dialog: use tp_connection_dup_contact_...
2012-05-11 Guillaume Desmottescontact: use tp_connection_dup_contact_by_id_async()
2012-05-11 Guillaume Desmottescontact-chooser: use empathy_client_factory_dup_contact...
2012-05-11 Guillaume Desmotteschat: use empathy_client_factory_dup_contact_by_id_async()
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottestp-chat: use tp_text_channel_get_chat_state()
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesclient-factory: request TP_TEXT_CHANNEL_FEATURE_CHAT_STATES
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottestp-chat: remove chat-state-changed-empathy signal
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmotteschat: use contact-chat-state-changed signal
2012-05-10 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy-tp-roomlist
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesnew-chatroom-dialog: use TpRoomList
2012-05-10 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottescontact-search-dialog: use empathy_client_factory_dup_c...
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_client_factory_dup_contact_by_id_async()
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesremove invisible_char from ui files
2012-05-10 Guillaume DesmottesTurn EmpathyNewChatroomDialog to a GtkDialog sub-class
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmotteschatroom-dialog: re-order some functions
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesnew-chatroom-dialog: port to TP coding style
2012-05-10 Guillaume DesmottesUse tp_capabilities_get_channel_classes_variant()
2012-05-10 Guillaume DesmottesStop generating Certificate API
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy-tls-certificate
2012-05-10 Guillaume DesmottesUse TpTpTLSCertificate
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesuse tp_capabilities_supports_sms()
2012-05-10 Guillaume DesmottesStop generating Debug API
2012-05-10 Guillaume DesmottesStore the TpDebugMessage in the model
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesmerge store_filter_foreach () and copy_model_foreach ()
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesdebug-window: use TpDebugClient
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-debugger: use self->priv pattern
2012-05-10 Guillaume Desmottesdebug_window_dispose: use g_clear_object()
2012-05-10 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on tp-glib 0.19.0
2012-05-09 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-4'
2012-05-09 Guillaume DesmottesUse tp-glib version checking macros
2012-05-09 Guillaume DesmottesUse TP_ERROR instead of TP_ERRORS
2012-05-09 Guillaume Desmottesnew-account-dialog: rely on the EmpathyAccountWidget...
2012-05-09 Guillaume Desmottesaccount-widget: delay 'close' signal if enabling the...
2012-05-09 Olivier Crêtevideo-widget: Remove as it is now unused
2012-05-08 Guillaume Desmottescall-observer: use tp_channel_get_target_contact()
2012-05-08 Guillaume DesmottesTurn EmpathyAccountWidget to a proper GtkWidget
2012-05-08 Guillaume Desmottesapprove_ft_channel: stop using the contact factory
2012-05-08 Guillaume Desmottesapprove_call_channel: stop using the contact factory
2012-05-08 Guillaume Desmottesevent-manager: factor out approve_channel_*() functions
2012-05-08 Guillaume Desmottestp-chat: stop using the contact factory when building...
2012-05-08 Guillaume Desmottesft-handler: create EmpathyContact from TpContact
2012-05-08 Guillaume Desmottestp-contact-factory: remove unused methods
2012-05-08 Xavier ClaessensAdd fallback server for WLM
2012-05-08 Xavier ClaessensAdd fallback server for WLM
2012-05-08 Javier JardónUse gst_object_ref_sink()
2012-05-07 Debarshi Raygoa-mc-plugin: support enabling or disabling accounts
2012-05-07 Guillaume DesmottesUse TP_ERROR instead of TP_ERRORS
2012-05-07 Javier JardónUse gst_object_ref_sink()
2012-05-03 Gabor KelemenFix localization of --help outputs and application...
2012-05-03 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-dialog: stop using tp_connection_get_self_handle()
2012-05-03 Guillaume Desmottescontact-widget: stop using tp_connection_get_self_handle()
2012-05-03 Guillaume Desmottescontact: compare TpContact objects rather than handles
2012-05-03 Guillaume Desmottesinvite-participant-dialog: compare TpContact objects...
2012-05-03 Guillaume Desmottestp-chat:stop using the handle of members
2012-05-03 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_tp_chat_is_invited: return a TpContact for...
2012-05-03 Guillaume Desmottesevent-manager: use new channel group API