2020-09-05 Frédéric Pétersregie: add button to grab tracks from nonstop main
2020-09-04 Frédéric Pétersstyle: add hack to anchor titles after wiki sticky...
2020-08-30 Frédéric Pétersremove embedded copy of ckeditor
2020-08-13 Frédéric Pétersstart new regie home page
2020-08-11 Frédéric Péterschange play triangle to a hopefully more available...
2020-08-05 Frédéric Pétersstyle: reduce padding for play buttons in metadata...
2020-08-05 Frédéric Pétersstyle: adjust alignment of weight labels/sliders/values
2020-08-01 Frédéric Pétersadd style for weight range widgets
2020-07-22 Frédéric Pétersdon't require add_track to schedule a diffusion
2020-07-22 Frédéric Pétersmisc: add style for disabled list item (for nonstop...
2020-07-18 Frédéric Pétersurls: publish public nonstop views
2020-07-18 Frédéric Péterstemplates: add proper markup for appbar action buttons
2020-07-16 Frédéric Péterscss: style tracks tracks metadata edit pages
2020-07-16 Frédéric Péterstranslation update
2020-07-15 Frédéric Pétersremove soma from text
2020-07-14 Frédéric Pétersstyle nonstop zone settings page
2020-07-09 Frédéric Pétersstyle: give same width to all program day blocks
2020-07-09 Frédéric Pétersstyle program on nonstop home page
2020-07-09 Frédéric Pétersmove day program fragment to django-panik-nonstop module
2020-07-09 Frédéric Pétersstyle all newsitems page
2020-07-09 Frédéric Pétersallow removing autoscheduled diffusions
2020-07-09 Frédéric Pétersdisplay recurring streams as scheduled
2020-07-09 Frédéric Pétersadd links to program lines
2020-07-08 Frédéric Pétersmisc: allow editing diffusion properties if auto diffus...
2020-07-08 Frédéric Pétersdebian: declare pysolr dependency
2020-07-08 Frédéric Pétersdebian: declare source format
2020-07-08 Frédéric Pétershome: avoid program display crash if first (or last...
2020-07-07 Frédéric Pétersmisc: add tooltips to emojis
2020-07-07 Frédéric Péterstemplates: add emoji to mark scheduled diffusions
2020-07-07 Frédéric Péterstemplates: display title of programmed episodes
2020-07-07 Frédéric Péterstemplates: add program template
2020-07-07 Frédéric Pétersstyle team block
2020-07-07 Frédéric Pétersdisplay program in home sidebar
2020-07-07 Frédéric Péterscss: remove vendor prefixes
2020-07-06 Frédéric Péterswiki: add document upload support
2020-07-02 Frédéric Péterswiki: don't use ctrl-c to format as code
2020-06-25 Frédéric Péterswiki: load selected search result using ajax
2020-06-25 Frédéric Péterswiki: hide search results when page is loaded
2020-06-25 Frédéric Péterswiki: add search support
2020-06-25 Frédéric Péterswiki: use waiting cursor during page load
2020-06-25 Frédéric Péterswiki: change pointer over edit button
2020-06-25 Frédéric Péterswiki: limit display height of images
2020-06-24 Frédéric Péterswiki: slow down a bit the loading bar
2020-06-24 Frédéric Péterswiki: reduce code font size to fit 80 columns
2020-06-24 Frédéric Péterswiki: limit width of code sections
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: add special styles for wiki links and external...
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: style new page marker
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: always include wiki home in links bar
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: only register popstate once
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: scroll to top on page load
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: use ajax to load interwiki links
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: restore full height of figures
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: hide image upload button
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: remove white border around wiki content
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: style timestamps in latest changes cell
2020-06-23 Frédéric Péterswiki: update line-height to 1.5
2020-06-22 Frédéric Pétersmisc: enable kb
2020-06-22 Frédéric Péterswiki: add support for inline style accelerator keys
2020-06-21 Frédéric Péterswiki: keep 10 elements for breadcrumb history
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: open large images fullscreen
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersadd favicon
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersmisc: distribute
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersdebian: add sassc to build-depends
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersbuild: add scss compilation to
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: instruct browser to insert paragraphs
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: automatically convert ' to ’ in text parts
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersbuild: distribute translation files
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersdebian: rename installed script
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: rename popup to toolbar
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersdebian: declare runtime dependencies
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: use local note image
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: only add empty paragrah when it's really empty
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: hide toolbars when leaving edit mode
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: add support for (unordered) lists
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: fix intertitle detection
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterswiki: replace inserted empty <div> by empty <p>
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersmisc: run using python3
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersdebian: add missing comma to build-depends
2020-06-14 Frédéric Péterswiki: add back some minimal content when everything...
2020-06-14 Frédéric Péterswiki: move save button to title bar
2020-06-14 Frédéric Péterswiki: keep title sticky
2020-06-14 Frédéric Péterssettings: switch to MIDDLEWARE
2020-06-13 Frédéric Péterslimit save button style to wiki section
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: reduce width
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: only open file dialog on empty figures
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: up limit before thumbnailing (100k was just to...
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: ignore errors when thumbnailing
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: display breadcrumbs
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: automatically resize uploaded images
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: increase size of save button
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: image upload
2020-06-11 Frédéric Péterswiki: add button to link to wiki page
2020-06-11 Frédéric Pétersadd view to add new wiki page
2020-06-11 Frédéric Pétersinitiate wiki stuff
2020-06-11 Frédéric Pétersuse scss
2020-06-11 Frédéric Pétersmisc: only display statistics link on homepage
2020-06-11 Frédéric Pétersremove usage of Topik object
2020-06-02 Frédéric Péterssettings: add new required COMBO_MANAGE_HOME_COLLAPSE_PAGES
2020-05-28 Frédéric Péterstrivial: remove cruft
2020-05-28 Frédéric Pétersdebian: add packaging