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2010-07-18 Fran DiéguezFixed headers in galician translation file
2010-07-18 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2010-07-18 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-07-17 Aron XuUpdate Simplified Chinese translation.
2010-07-16 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2010-07-16 Marc-Antoine... avoid segfault in event_manager_add (#624462)
2010-07-15 Mario Blättermann[i18n] Updated German translation
2010-07-15 Sjoerd SimonsTune settings for the updated x264enc element
2010-07-14 Fran DiéguezAdded gl to DOC_LINGUAS
2010-07-14 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations for docs
2010-07-14 Cheng-Chia... Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and...
2010-07-14 Guillaume DesmottesDisable /query and /msg commands for now (#624268)
2010-07-14 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'debug-av-599166'
2010-07-13 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2010-07-13 Guillaume Desmottesprepare
2010-07-13 Guillaume Desmottesdisplay the clock rate of the codec as well
2010-07-13 Laurent Bigonvillelibnm_glib.pc has been renamed to lib-glib.pc (#624202)
2010-07-13 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2010-07-13 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 2.31.5 release
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesadd GTK+ flags when building tests
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottespreferences: coding style fix
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesmain-window: coding style fix
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-log-window: coding style fixes
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-contact-list-view: coding style fix
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-av.c to POTFILES.in
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesreset codecs when call is disconnected
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottescall-window: display receiving codecs
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottescall-handler: add audio/video recv codecs properties
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottescall-window: Add 'details' pane containing encoding...
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottescall-handler: add send audio/video codec properties
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesbump telepathy-farsight dep
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-accounts.1: document --if-needed
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-accounts.1: --import has been removed
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesimport empathy-accounts manpage from Debian
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottessync empathy manpage with Debian package
2010-07-12 Philip WithnallFix a memory leak in EmpathyAvatar (#624054)
2010-07-12 Will ThompsonFix activating [ ] Enabled with the keyboard.
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_status_icon_new: always call status_icon_set_vi...
2010-07-12 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_status_icon_new: don't ignore hide_contact_list...
2010-07-11 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2010-07-10 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-07-10 Ivar Smolin[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2010-07-09 Guillaume DesmottesImprove desktop's Comment (#617405)
2010-07-09 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'backlog-623914'
2010-07-09 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'auto-approve'
2010-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesdebug_window_name_owner_changed_cb: update client servi...
2010-07-09 Guillaume DesmottesStore the unique name in the model
2010-07-09 Guillaume DesmottesFillCmChooserData: rename, add type field and helper...
2010-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesrename vars, functions and constants to make code less...
2010-07-09 Guillaume Desmottescoding style fix
2010-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesdebug-window: add Telepathy clients
2010-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesdebug-window: remove hardcoded clients
2010-07-09 Guillaume DesmottesPass EMPATHY_DISPATCHER_NON_USER_ACTION as action time...
2010-07-09 Guillaume Desmottestp-chat: mark scrollback messages as backlog
2010-07-09 Guillaume DesmottesProperly mark messages from TPL as backlog (#623914)
2010-07-09 Sjoerd Simonstell the chatroom manager asap about chats
2010-07-08 Xavier ClaessensSome coding style fixes in configure.ac
2010-07-08 Xavier ClaessensCleanup nm/conman pkg check
2010-07-08 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-07-08 Xavier ClaessensFail to build if --enable-gtk3 is passed but only gtk2...
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesadd have_gtk3 var
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesdon't check GTK3 deps if GTK3 is not present
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottestp-contact-list: add a comment
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottessimplify empathy_presence_chooser_new
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesdispatcher: explicitely keep a ref on accounts in statu...
2010-07-08 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gtk3-621753'
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_pixbuf_contact_status_icon_with_icon_name:...
2010-07-08 Guillaume DesmottesBuild with latest NST when using GTK3 and port to new...
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesdisable champlain when using GTK3
2010-07-08 Guillaume DesmottesCheck for webkitgtk-3.0 when building with GTK3
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesno need to explicitely check for gdk-x11
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmotteslink on unique-3 when using GTK3
2010-07-08 Guillaume DesmottesUpdate libnotify dep when using GTK3
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesnotify-manager: include empathy-contact.h as we use it
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesuse libcanberra-gtk3 when building with GTK3
2010-07-08 Guillaume DesmottesBuild with GTK+3 if available (#621753)
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesmove GTK+ check to its own PKG_CHECK_MODULES
2010-07-08 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2010-07-07 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottescall-window: use gtk_widget_get_allocation()
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottessort dependencies
2010-07-07 Guillaume DesmottesSimplify checking of the deps
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesrephrase 'Important Room' menu entry
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesset a title to the room invitation dialog
2010-07-07 Guillaume DesmottesMake incoming file chooser dialog's title more informative
2010-07-07 Guillaume DesmottesAdd a title to the incoming call dialog
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesdisplay incoming events right away if user asked to
2010-07-07 Guillaume DesmottesAdd option to disable displaying events in the notif...
2010-07-07 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesadd accept/decline buttons to invitation notifications
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesuse a specific event type for muc invitations
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesadd accept/decline buttons to FT notifications
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesevent-manager: allow to reject FT channels
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesadd answer/decline buttons in call notifications (...
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_event_decline
2010-07-07 Guillaume DesmottesAdd 'Respond' button only for text channels and approve...
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_event_approve()
2010-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out add_notification_actions