2 days ago Frédéric Pétersjs: fix typo in noopener l-autre-radio
2 days ago Frédéric Pétersadd rel="noopener" to links opening in new tabs
2 days ago Frédéric Péterssettings: add new required COMBO_CELL_ASSET_SLOTS
2 days ago Frédéric Péterssettings: declare usage of combo.apps.assets
2020-04-04 Frédéric PétersMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into l...
2020-04-04 Frédéric Péterssettings: use exec() to load local settings
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersposition emission link at the bottom of details pane
2020-04-02 Frédéric Péterschange label of "program" link
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersadd swipe support for recent sounds and newsitems sections
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersadd swipe support to around navigation
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersupdate swipe threshold to 30px
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersimport jqSwipe
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersmake image in around nav a link to emission
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersmake "program" around block take all space
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersixup
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersadapt "around nav" for mobile
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersdisbable navigation prev/next buttons at borders
2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersadd link to full program at the end of "around" navigation
2020-04-02 Frédéric PétersMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into l...
2020-03-31 Frédéric Pétersfonts: reduce weight of % bar in reglo scale bold
2020-03-31 Frédéric Pétersfonts: add % sign to reglo bold and reglo scale bold
2020-03-29 Frédéric Pétersadd topik style for link cells
2020-03-27 Frédéric Pétersfonts: add â to reglo bold
2020-03-22 Frédéric Pétersstyle: fix position of ogg/mp3 download links
2020-03-22 Frédéric Péterscheck emission slug url part
2020-03-21 Frédéric PétersRevert "SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-2 everywhere"
2020-03-18 Frédéric PétersSARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-2 everywhere
2020-03-17 Frédéric Pétersfeeds: don't add fragment to main sounds
2020-03-17 Frédéric Pétersup to 50 the number of podcats in feeds
2020-03-17 Frédéric Péterstemplates: repeat fragment title in feed item description
2020-03-17 Frédéric Pétersfeeds: include fragment id in guid
2020-03-12 Frédéric Pétersuse page pictures in topiks menu items
2020-03-12 Frédéric Pétersadd custom hide-emission-titles css class
2020-03-12 Frédéric Péterstemplates: mark automatic episode selection with additi...
2020-03-08 Frédéric Pétersmisc: don't crash error pages in metanav
2020-03-08 Frédéric Péterssettings: add new COMBO_MAP_ required settings
2020-02-13 Frédéric Pétersfonts: add ù to Reglo-Bold
2020-01-15 Frédéric Pétersfonts: adjust Œ
2020-01-15 Frédéric Pétersfonts: add Œ to reglo scale bold
2020-01-10 Frédéric Pétersswitch stream to https
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersfonts: add ß to RE03-Bold
2019-12-29 Frédéric Péterssettings: always load combo templatetags
2019-12-29 Frédéric Péterstemplates: use topik-link class for menu items
2019-12-29 Frédéric Péterstemplates: make topik link clear floats
2019-12-28 Frédéric Péterstemplates: style playlist
2019-12-28 Frédéric Péterstemplates: add more sounds/newsitems to homepage
2019-12-28 Frédéric Pétersstyle: more mobile
2019-12-28 Frédéric Péterstemplates: remove focus for now
2019-12-27 Frédéric Pétersstyle: a little bit of responsiveness
2019-12-27 Frédéric Pétersstyle: use $red borders
2019-12-27 Frédéric Péterstemplates: point program menu item to weekly program
2019-12-27 Frédéric Pétersmisc: fix current slot display in around view
2019-12-27 Frédéric Péterstemplates: update page metadata with new icons
2019-12-27 Frédéric Pétersadd lautre favicon
2019-12-27 Frédéric Péterstemplates: add current player icon to homepage
2019-12-27 Frédéric Pétersjs: get waveform based on mp3 url if that's the first one
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: adapt homepage blocks
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersaudioplayer: don't propagate click done on player icons
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterstemplates: adjust "around" block
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: adapt emissions page
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: adjust date & header margin
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: do not display "embed" action
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterstemplates: move waveform after episode text
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: use waveforms with higher sample rate
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: update emission/episode pages
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersvertical layout work in progress
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersadd link to actions section
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterstemplates: use section title in about pages, and no...
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersadd links to sounds/news on homepage
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: end top nav with a black gradient/border
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: limit width of player playlist
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersfonts: add stop symbol
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: use play symbol for player
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersplayer: remove .m3u download (for now)
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterstemplates: use lautre radio stream address
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: keep logo always visible
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: add border
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: adjust width of main columns
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterstemplates: add navigation to program
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: adapt top height
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: use red and right align rss icon
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterstemplates: remove links to all news/sounds
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: usr red for top navigation bar
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: add short bar after titles
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersstyle: don't force uppercase, and use lighter font
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterskeep first program then everything but nonstop slots
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterstemplates: remove opensearch definition
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterssettings: declare alternative user model
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterssettings: declare panikdb.aa
2019-12-26 Frédéric Péterssettings: remove obsolete TEMPLATE_DIRS
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersdon't display emission image if there's none
2019-12-26 Frédéric Pétersadapt templates to l'autre radio
2019-12-17 Frédéric Péterscss: get back picture next to soundwave in soundfiles...
2019-12-12 Frédéric Pétersmisc: use natural schedule weeks order in grid view
2019-12-12 Frédéric Pétersmisc: remove expired/old news items from emission page
2019-12-10 Frédéric Pétersjs: restore autorefresh of currently playing track
2019-12-04 Frédéric Péterstemplates: put start timestamp in query string
2019-12-04 Frédéric Péterstemplates: adjust css/js cache to start timestamp
2019-12-03 Frédéric Péterstemplates: load required i18n template tags
2019-12-03 Frédéric Péterstemplates: remove unused/hidden "display html5 audio...