21 hours ago Frédéric Pétersmake faders control effects when cycle is pressed main
21 hours ago Frédéric Pétersuse track buttons to navigate between pads and stop...
22 hours ago Frédéric Pétersadd control of effects via M buttons
22 hours ago Frédéric Péterspass 0.01 instead of forbidden 0 to exponentialRampToVa...
22 hours ago Frédéric Pétersmake loop value change via nanokontrol work when playing
2020-11-26 Frédéric Pétersallow changing looping status during playback
2017-11-23 Frédéric Pétersramp to values to avoid audio glitches
2017-11-23 Frédéric Pétersadd individual checkboxes for effects
2017-11-23 Frédéric Pétersalso detect the pads with their Windows-assigned names
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersuse nanokontrol solo buttons for looping samples
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersincrease translucence of file input widget even more
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersdisplay remaining time when playing samples
2017-04-01 Frédéric Péterscreate pads from a template, then delete the template
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersadd indicators for devices
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersalways force network first for now
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersadd some knobs for effects
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersstyle background and pads
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersadd missing y key
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersallow selection of multiple files
2017-04-01 Frédéric Péterslimit file selector to audio files
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersremove debugging log
2017-04-01 Frédéric Pétersadd progressive web app stuff (manifest & service worker)
2017-02-21 Frédéric Pétersadd viewport meta to mark it's responsive
2017-02-21 Frédéric Pétersadd proper doctype
2017-02-21 Frédéric Pétersalign rows of pads with rows of pots and sliders
2017-02-21 Frédéric Pétersfix dynamic sizing of touches
2017-02-21 Frédéric Pétersdynamically create touches
2017-02-21 Frédéric Pétersadd per-touch gain nodes
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersadd a gain controller, mapped to fader 7 of the nanoKontrol
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersturn nanoKontrol external leds mode on (and animate...
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersrewrite nanopad touch mapping as a simple array
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersadd support for using a standard keyboard to trigger...
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersrefactor code into a nanofun function
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersmove sample processing out of midi code
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersadd link to source code
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersinitial code
2017-02-19 Frédéric Pétersadd COPYING license file