2020-08-26 Frédéric PétersAdapt text color to background color (#56) (#59) main
2020-07-23 Daniel SheelerAdd tooltip if output channel name is too long in Contr...
2020-07-23 Daniel SheelerSet maximum width on ControlGroup label and ellisize it.
2020-07-23 Christopher... Improve Channel shrinking/expansion
2020-07-22 Daniel SheelerRemove unuseful ctlgroup property
2020-07-22 Daniel SheelerAbility to widen/narrow input channels.
2020-07-21 Daniel SheelerFix monitor channel clicking off if clicked when on
2020-07-21 Daniel SheelerFix muted channel not being monitored
2020-07-20 Daniel SheelerAdd k14 scale
2020-07-19 Daniel SheelerAdd K20 scale
2020-07-19 Daniel SheelerFix mono in to stereo out, AGAIN
2020-07-17 Daniel SheelerAllow drag n drop to change channel positions
2020-07-16 Frédéric Péterstrivial: fix typos in NEWS
2020-07-16 Frédéric Pétersrelease: 13 release-13
2020-07-16 Christopher... Update and improve README and convert to Markdown
2020-07-13 Daniel Sheelerupdate nsmclient.py
2020-07-13 Daniel SheelerUpdate removing reference to the now removed Main mix...
2020-07-11 Daniel SheelerFix MIDI behavior mode not being set properly on startu...
2020-07-11 Daniel SheelerFix broken hide/show when starting in nsm from scratch
2020-07-11 Daniel SheelerFix new output channel not creating from dialog
2020-07-11 Daniel SheelerFix new channels not showing when not under nsm and...
2020-07-11 Daniel SheelerFix crash on startup if not loading from config
2020-07-11 Daniel SheelerFix nsm visibility regression while ensuring non-nsm...
2020-07-10 Christopher... Remove unused memory_atomic.h/.c files
2020-07-10 Christopher... Fix test code in scale.py
2020-07-10 Christopher... Remove remnants if previous Python bindings with Swig
2020-07-10 Christopher... Coerce midi_behaviour_mode preference setting to int
2020-07-10 Christopher... Fix 'unused variable' compiler warning
2020-07-09 Daniel SheelerImproved, logorithmic ramping
2020-07-05 Daniel SheelerDo not show intial value radio buttons in output channe...
2020-07-05 Daniel SheelerSerialize prefader button states
2020-07-05 Daniel SheelerMake control group buttons use smaller font and less...
2020-07-05 Daniel SheelerDon't allow a non NSM session to start hidden (how...
2020-07-05 Daniel SheelerName C interface consistently
2020-07-05 Daniel SheelerMake command line argument help message better for...
2020-07-04 Christopher... Send C code log output to stderr instead of stdout
2020-07-04 Christopher... Change log level of some debug messages in C code
2020-07-04 Daniel SheelerPaned position restore hack
2020-07-04 Christopher... Add 'error_dialog' function to reduce DRY
2020-07-04 Daniel SheelerImproved prefader button appearance and tooltip. Thank...
2020-07-03 Daniel SheelerAdd a prefader button to input channel control groups
2020-07-03 Daniel SheelerRemove unnecessary c interface funcs. Fix volume text...
2020-07-02 Daniel SheelerRemove commented code
2020-07-02 Christopher... Use standard-logging module instead of scattered print...
2020-07-02 Daniel SheelerMake initial window wide enough to fit 2 ins, 2 outs...
2020-07-02 Christopher... Improve styling of control groups
2020-07-02 Daniel SheelerMove global mute/solo buttons below faders
2020-07-02 Daniel SheelerUse alpha in color chooser; set default color to (0...
2020-07-02 Daniel SheelerMIDI Control Channels -> MIDI Control Changes
2020-07-02 Daniel SheelerAdd 0dB/-Inf option for starting values on newly create...
2020-07-02 Daniel SheelerSave paned position; use wider handle
2020-07-02 Daniel SheelerPut output channels in scrolled window and seperate...
2020-07-01 Daniel SheelerImprove mute/solo ControlGroup packing
2020-07-01 Daniel SheelerRemove debug print
2020-07-01 Daniel SheelerOn open, only clear channels if loading xml file succeeds
2020-07-01 Daniel SheelerAdd confirmation dialog before clearing channels
2020-06-30 Daniel SheelerStore all preferences to xml save file
2020-06-30 Christopher... Update AUTHORS file and authors list in about dialog...
2020-06-30 Christopher... Add accelerator shortcuts to menu items (#22)
2020-06-30 Christopher... Fix Gtk deprecation warning for save dialog as well
2020-06-30 Daniel SheelerCss names no longer derived from channel name.
2020-06-30 Daniel SheelerUpdate .gitignore
2020-06-30 Daniel SheelerImprove midi_behavior_mode code
2020-06-30 Daniel SheelerFix deprecated warnings
2020-06-30 Daniel SheelerMake CTRL-click insead of CTRL-double-click set slider...
2020-06-29 Daniel SheelerBalance uses pick up mode
2020-06-29 Daniel SheelerBalance double-click reset to zero; scroll; click drag...
2020-06-29 Daniel SheelerDo pick up mode properly for volume
2020-06-28 Daniel SheelerNew for fader: double click -> -inf; ctrl double click...
2020-06-28 Daniel SheelerAdd midi behavior modes: "pick up" and "jump to value"
2020-06-28 Daniel SheelerUse .xml extension for nsm save file
2020-06-28 Christopher... Use argparse instead of optparse and simplify/fix posit...
2020-06-27 Daniel SheelerMake compatible with nsm visibility messages
2020-06-26 Daniel SheelerFix channel property update bugs
2020-06-26 Daniel SheelerAdd out channel label to control group buttons
2020-06-26 Daniel SheelerChoose output channel colors
2020-06-25 Daniel SheelerRename "Autoset" to "Learn"
2020-06-25 Daniel SheelerIdk if it helps, but check existence of width, height...
2020-06-25 Christopher... Allow manual setting of MIDI control change numbers...
2020-06-25 Daniel SheelerAdd nsm support. Remove lash
2020-06-24 Daniel SheelerRemove GConf. Use plaintext preferences file.
2020-06-22 Frédéric Pétersbuild: create .tar.xz files
2020-06-22 Frédéric Pétersrelease: 12 release-12
2020-06-22 Daniel SheelerFix file() -> open()
2020-06-20 Daniel SheelerReset color of over 0db/NaN peak on click
2020-06-18 Daniel SheelerRemove fpconst mention in INSTALL (removed from code...
2020-06-18 Daniel SheelerMerge pull request #7 from synthnassizer/mergebranch
2020-06-18 Athanasios... minor fix to report jack name along with volumes
2020-06-18 Athanasios... many memleak errors
2020-06-18 Athanasios... various warning fixes
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersremove references to gna.org (shutdowned) 11 release-11
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersrelease: 11
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersdoc: note about python 3 in NEWS file
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersdoc: update INSTALL with new python3 requirement
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersadd Daniel Sheeler to authors
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersremove system tray lefovers
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersbuild: require python 3
2020-06-13 Athanasios... Merge branch 'master' into mergebranch
2020-06-13 Athanasios... added inits for frames
2020-06-12 Daniel SheelerFix step_increment for scroll event