2020-04-02 Frédéric Pétersupdate NEWS with de-zipper change master
2020-04-02 Daniel Sheelerensure transition has at least 1 step
2020-04-02 Daniel SheelerSpecify volume transition in seconds
2020-04-02 Daniel Sheelercleanup unused calc_channel_volumes funcs
2020-04-02 Daniel SheelerImproved ramping over an arbitrary time,
2020-03-29 Daniel SheelerFixed pop when balance crosses zero.
2020-03-29 Daniel Sheelerde-zipper panning and volume changes
2014-04-27 Frédéric Pétersbuild: post release version bump
2014-04-27 Frédéric Pétersrelease: 10
2014-04-27 Frédéric Pétersmisc: note Nedko contributed to this version
2014-04-27 Frédéric Pétersbuild: rename INCLUDES to match newer autotools
2014-04-27 Frédéric Pétersbuild: run configure automatically after autogen
2012-12-30 Sarah MischkeAdd a trayicon and minimize to tray feature (#2992)
2012-01-16 Nedko ArnaudovIgnore SIGHUP
2012-01-16 Nedko Arnaudovgitignore generated files for jack_mix_box
2012-01-16 Nedko Arnaudovfix crash when midi scale is not set
2011-07-16 Frédéric PétersAdd jack_mix_box, a minimalistic jack mixer (no UI...
2011-07-13 Frédéric PétersAdd possibility for main to be mono
2011-07-12 Frédéric PétersInitialize threshold before using it
2011-07-12 Frédéric PétersUpdating the NEWS file with recent changes
2011-07-12 Frédéric PétersDo not feed balance control changes to MIDI
2011-07-12 John HedgesRead new settings before the dialog is destroyed
2011-07-12 Frédéric PétersSend MIDI control change events
2011-07-12 Frédéric PétersAdd a midi out port
2011-07-12 Frédéric PétersRename midi_got_events to midi_in_got_events
2010-10-04 Frédéric Péters[release] 9
2010-10-04 Frédéric PétersSet custom usage string showing the possibility to...
2010-10-04 Frédéric PétersDon't fail applying channel changes on non numeric...
2010-10-04 Frédéric PétersAdd Arnout to about dialog
2010-05-12 ArnoutMake a note about running 'autogen.sh' when building...
2010-05-05 Frédéric PétersAdd explicit method to destroy JACK client connection
2010-05-05 Frédéric Pétersdon't fail if we can't get lash server name
2010-05-05 Arnout EngelenRemove bad crackling when changing the volume through...
2010-02-09 Frédéric PétersUse bacakward compatible call to gobject.timeout_add...
2010-02-09 Frédéric PétersRemove now unnecessary call to gtk.gdk.threads_init()
2010-02-09 Frédéric PétersBack to polling for MIDI events, to avoid the need...
2010-02-09 Frédéric PétersDeclare member variable, fixing loading settings from...
2010-02-09 Frédéric Pétersfixed stderr variable name
2010-01-19 Arnout Engelendon't call calloc() while handling process()
2009-12-29 Arnout EngelenFix creating mono channels
2009-12-29 Arnout EngelenMerge branch 'master' of ssh://repo.or.cz/srv/git/jack_...
2009-12-29 Arnout EngelenChange output port name when input channel is renamed
2009-12-29 Arnout EngelenChannel properties default 'apply' button
2009-12-29 Arnout EngelenAdd 'Edit .. channel' submenu's
2009-12-29 Arnout EngelenBug #15006: Don't append pid to jack client name
2009-12-29 Nedko Arnaudovenable gdk threads because jack crashes on midi events...
2009-12-29 Nedko Arnaudovimproved SIGUSR1 handling
2009-12-29 Nedko Arnaudovladish level 1 support
2009-12-16 Frédéric Péters[release] 8
2009-12-16 Frédéric PétersGuard Channel_set_volume() against unitialized channel
2009-12-16 Frédéric PétersAdd parameter (--no-lash) to *not* connect to LASH
2009-12-15 Frédéric PétersReplaced serialization_name functions by class methods
2009-12-15 Frédéric PétersHandle post fader outputs for input channels from Pytho...
2009-12-15 Frédéric PétersFixed label of "remove output channel" menu item
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersRemove shebang lines from Python plain modules
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersMenu items to remove output channels individually
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersFixed rotation of output channel colours
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersUpdate clear menu item to also clear output channels
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersAlways display open/save menu items
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersRenamed classes to conform to standard Python coding...
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersUpdated and documented a little bit the sys.path alteration
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersDisplay an error on incorrect settings file
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersPost release version bump
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersEdit Python sys.path earlier
2009-12-14 Frédéric Péters[release] 7
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersRenamed bootstrap to autogen.sh to match what is being...
2009-12-14 Frédéric PétersUpdate output channel colours to increase contrast
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersRemove reference to PyXML, as it is no longer necessary
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersRename from CHANGES to NEWS, to match what most tarball...
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersMinor cleanup of import statements
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersUpdate README & INSTALL file with current info
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersAdd myself to AUTHORS
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersMove license to COPYING, to match what most tarballs...
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersAdd a right click handler on main mute/solo buttons...
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersDo not include doctype in XML serialization
2009-12-13 Frédéric PétersDo not add an extra blank line when serializing as XML
2009-12-13 Arnout EngelenRemove dependency on python-xml (PyXML) as it's unmaint...
2009-12-12 Frédéric PétersDo not allow duplicated channel names
2009-12-12 Frédéric PétersSerialize mute/solo status
2009-12-12 Frédéric PétersCall update_channel_buffers() after input channels...
2009-12-12 Frédéric PétersFix indentation of prefader check
2009-12-12 Frédéric PétersAdd Help/About menu item
2009-12-12 Frédéric PétersHarmonise function declaration style
2009-12-12 Frédéric PétersRemove references to deleted input channel from all...
2009-12-12 Frédéric PétersSwitch back monitored channel when selected channel...
2009-12-11 Frédéric PétersAdd a monitor output channel, and toggle buttons on...
2009-12-11 Frédéric PétersAdd possibility to have output channels mixing channels...
2009-12-11 Frédéric PétersAdd methods to know if a channel has been muted/soloed
2009-12-10 Frédéric PétersFixed removal of input channels
2009-12-10 Frédéric PétersSerialize main window geometry
2009-12-10 Frédéric PétersPass height/width to cairo.Surface.create_similar as...
2009-12-10 Frédéric PétersRemove debugging print
2009-12-10 Frédéric Péterscache vumeter surface (this lowers X CPU usage signific...
2009-12-10 Frédéric PétersUse underscore in serialization attribute name
2009-12-09 Frédéric PétersConnected output channels mute/solo buttons to make...
2009-12-09 Frédéric PétersDisplay vu meter value for output channels
2009-12-09 Frédéric PétersCreate post fader outputs as system outputs
2009-12-09 Frédéric PétersAdd effective UI to display/hide the solo buttons of...
2009-12-09 Frédéric PétersDo not let channels have an empty name
2009-12-06 Frédéric PétersReplace the "see above" by the most probable explanation