2009-09-10 Rajesh Ranjanhindi update by Rajesh Ranjan
2009-09-09 Baris CicekUpdated Turkish translation.
2009-09-09 Mario BlättermannUpdated German doc translation
2009-09-09 Shaun McCance[help] Adding geolocation note about servers supporting PEP
2009-09-09 Guillaume Desmottesdispatcher_request_failed: check if conn_data is not...
2009-09-09 Shaun McCance[help] Minimal proofreading, deferring some reviews...
2009-09-09 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_account_settings_get_uint32: check if empathy_a...
2009-09-09 Shaun McCance[help] Changing "Salut" to "People Nearby"
2009-09-09 Shaun McCance[help] Removing start-conversation page
2009-09-09 Kostas PapadimasUpdated Greek translation.
2009-09-09 Praveen ArimbrathodiyilMalayalam translations updated.
2009-09-08 Cosimo CecchiBump telepathy-glib requirement to 0.7.35
2009-09-08 Guillaume Desmottesstart dev of 2.28.0
2009-09-08 Guillaume Desmottesupgrade NEWS for 2.27.92
2009-09-08 Shaun McCance[help] Fixing validity errors
2009-09-08 Jonny LambMerge branch 'auto-connect'
2009-09-08 Jonny Lambempathy: no need to connect to status-changed; notify...
2009-09-08 Sjoerd SimonsBump the libempathy and libempathy-gtk sonames again
2009-09-08 Sjoerd Simonsfix typo
2009-09-08 Jonny Lambempathy: auto-connect to chatrooms where appropriate
2009-09-08 Jonny Lambchatroom-manager: add a ready property
2009-09-08 Sandeep ShedmakeUpdated Marathi Translations
2009-09-08 Sweta KothariUpdated Gujarati Translations
2009-09-07 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2009-09-07 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2009-09-07 Ivar SmolinUpdating Estonian translation
2009-09-06 Jonny Lambtp-contact-factory: allow _get_from_handles to call...
2009-09-06 Branko KokanovićUpdated Serbian translation
2009-09-06 Cosimo CecchiConvert Pidgin's int values to uints
2009-09-06 Cosimo CecchiFix a long line
2009-09-06 Cosimo CecchiManually handle delete events.
2009-09-06 A S AlamUpdating Translation for Gurmukhi by A S Alam
2009-09-06 Milo CasagrandeUpdated Italian translation
2009-09-05 Jonny Lambchatroom-manager: only parse xml file once the account...
2009-09-05 Milo Casagrande[help] Created the Contact Management section in the...
2009-09-05 Gabor KelemenHungarian translation updated
2009-09-05 Ivar SmolinUpdating Estonian translation
2009-09-04 Shaun McCance[help] Some small corrections
2009-09-04 Shaun McCance[help] Updates to instructions for audio and video...
2009-09-03 Milo Casagrande[help] Fixed a wrong full stop on a title
2009-09-03 Milo CasagrandeUpdated Italian translation
2009-09-03 Christian KirbachUpdated German translation
2009-09-03 Guillaume Desmottesadd facebook icon
2009-09-02 Mark KrapivnerUpdated Hebrew translation
2009-09-02 Shaun McCance[help] Changing select to choose where appropriate...
2009-09-02 Shaun McCance[help] Updates to create-account, import-account, and...
2009-09-02 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2009-09-02 Olivier CrêteLimit the x264enc bitrate
2009-09-02 Fábio NogueiraUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Fábio Nogue...
2009-09-01 Olivier CrêteStop the sink on stream close to prevent deadlock
2009-09-01 Olivier CrêteAdd stream-closed signal to EmpathyCallHandler for...
2009-09-01 Olivier Crêtecallback is for handler no TfChannel
2009-09-01 Olivier CrêteUse GOptionContext to parse options
2009-09-01 Shaun McCance[help] More reviews and updates for account management...
2009-09-01 Shaun McCance[help] Completed review of some pages
2009-09-01 Shaun McCance[help] Adding Google Talk notes, review information
2009-09-01 Cosimo CecchiFix long lines.
2009-09-01 Cosimo CecchiBe sure that FindChannelRequest has a ref to the Dispatcher
2009-09-01 Cosimo CecchiDon't set empty values for the default EmpathyHandler
2009-09-01 Kjartan MaraasUpdate Norwegian bokmål translation.
2009-09-01 Davyd MadeleyFix duplicate XML ids in GtkBuilder file that stopped...
2009-09-01 Davyd Madeley[empathy_builder_get_file] NULL out passed GObj ptrs...
2009-08-31 Daniel NylanderUpdated Swedish translation
2009-08-31 Louis-Francis... Changed dialog constructor calls to use a string litera...
2009-08-31 Claude ParozUpdated French translation
2009-08-31 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2009-08-31 Shaun McCance[help] Remove irc-account from Makefile.am
2009-08-31 Sjoerd SimonsAlways try to use the Requests interface before calling...
2009-08-31 Shaun McCance[help] More info about IRC passwords and file sending
2009-08-31 Shaun McCance[help] Updating IRC instructions, removing irc-account...
2009-08-31 Khaled HosnyUpdated Arabic translation
2009-08-31 Sjoerd SimonsOnly set the icon name to gtalk for gtalk accounts
2009-08-31 Sjoerd SimonsSort Gtalk after jabber
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiAdd display name for "gtalk"
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiUse the new APIs in the assistant and the dialog
2009-08-31 Sjoerd SimonsGTalk-enable the protocol chooser
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiConstruct the GTalk widget according to the icon name
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiAdd a specialized GTalk widget UI in glade
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiFix a long line
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiUse empathy_protocol_icon_name()
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiFall back to the default icon if an empty icon name...
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiAlways set the icon name on account creation.
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiImplement setting icon name to the account and to the...
2009-08-31 Brian PeppleUse valid desktop category.
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiAlways update the control buttons sensitivity on creation.
2009-08-31 Jonathan TellierFixed some of the EmpathyAccountWidget's control button...
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiMerge commit 'jtellier/confirm-lose-accounts-settings'
2009-08-31 Cosimo CecchiMerge commit 'jtellier/set-account-name-translator...
2009-08-31 Shankar PrasadUpdated Kannada(kn) translation
2009-08-31 Will ThompsonMerge branch 'send-errors'
2009-08-31 Will ThompsonBe consistent with EmpathyMessage style.
2009-08-31 Shaun McCance[help] Updating add-account and create-account
2009-08-31 Sweta KothariUpdated Gujarati Translations
2009-08-31 Will ThompsonAck received messages from ourself.
2009-08-31 Will ThompsonHandle SendError signal correctly, not as a message
2009-08-31 Will ThompsonUse char* not EmpathyMessage in TpChat:send-error
2009-08-30 ifelixUpdated Tamil Translations
2009-08-30 Shaun McCance[help] Updates to 'Add an account' topic
2009-08-30 Sjoerd SimonsAdd basic media-signalling capabilities
2009-08-30 Sjoerd SimonsAdd the filters not in the Client file to a second...