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2009-08-24 Sjoerd SimonsRename empathy_profile_chooser_get_type to _protocol_
2009-08-24 Sjoerd SimonsRemove non-existing file from POTFILES.in
2009-08-24 Jonny LambFallback to setting the global presence to offline...
2009-08-24 Cosimo CecchiAdd example labels to all protocols
2009-08-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-accounts-dialog: remove the hardcoded Gmail...
2009-08-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-account-widget: don't expand and fill verticall...
2009-08-24 Sjoerd SimonsFree the allocated dirname after usage
2009-08-24 Sjoerd SimonsFix several coding style issues
2009-08-24 Sjoerd SimonsAdd empathy-import-mc4-accounts to POTFILES
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsDon't use a custom function to build the log dir
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsHave log_store_empathy_search_hit_new lookup accounts...
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsSplit out the account name to dirname translation
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsEnsure that the connection data is setup when handle...
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsAdd a new _ensure_account API
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsWhen empathy_account_settings_apply_finish returns...
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsPut string up for translation
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsFix use after free
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsFix copyright date
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsFix some broken english
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsMove the logs to the new location after creating the...
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsMake the dir names for the logs look nicer
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsRefactor the startup sequence a bit
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsAlways set the mc4 imported gconf key
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsFix debug strings, don't unref the gconf client twice
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsAdd api to ask if we have importer our mc4 accounts
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsReturn TRUE if we imported any mc4 accounts
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsGrab passwords from the keyring if needed
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsOverhaul the importer slightly
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsDon't override the display_name when creating the account
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsUse g_str_has_prefix convenience function for clarity
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsMake the gconf entry be false by default
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsDon't unref the account object as we don't own it
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsUse new async enable api
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsReturn the correct object when querying the dbus-daemon...
2009-08-23 Sjoerd SimonsRemove unused finalize
2009-08-23 Arnaud MailletInstantiate the mc4 account importer in empathy.c
2009-08-23 Arnaud MailletAdd the mc4 account importer files in the makefile
2009-08-23 Arnaud MailletAdd a new DEBUG domain for the mc4 account importer
2009-08-23 Arnaud MailletAdd a new gconf value to know if mc4 accounts have...
2009-08-23 Arnaud MailletAdd empathy-import-mc4-accounts files
2009-08-23 Xavier ClaessensIgnore tests/test-empathy-account-assistant
2009-08-23 Xavier ClaessensUse better avatar location: ~/.cache/<cm>/<protocol...
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsUse the right default answer if we're not importing...
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsWhen creating an account use a connect button instead...
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsClean up the dialog a bit
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsMake the layout more consistent with the other widgets
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsFix some leaks in _settings_discard
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsIf the parameter wasn't known return NULL for the dbus...
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsRemove dead code and fix some coding style issues
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsDon't leak a ref to EmpathyAccountSettings
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsMake the alignment names in the sip.ui file unique
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsDon't free the icon name that we don't own
2009-08-22 Sjoerd SimonsUpdate python bindings
2009-08-22 Jonathan TellierEvery protocols should now have an "Enabled" checkbox...
2009-08-22 Jonathan TellierFix errors revealed by make check
2009-08-22 Jonathan TellierFirst part of an overhaul of the accounts dialog
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiEnable entering more than an account from the wizard.
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd example labels to the simple widgets
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiMake the import system more future-proof
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiRemove useless includes
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiThe assistant should not be resizable
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiDon't hardcode new lines
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiUpdate the test
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiHook the import UI in the assistant
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdapt to the new API
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd the new files to the Makefile.am
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiSplit EmpathyImportDialog and EmpathyImportWidget
2009-08-22 Arnaud MailletRemove the hardcode
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiEmit the close signal only after we are done with the...
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiPort to new API
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiMake the set_enabled API async
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiImplement close and cancel;
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd a comment over the window type hint
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiEnable newly created accounts
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiImplement dispose
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiReport errors during creation
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiFix long lines
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiDon't forward anymore after the end
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiReport back errors (right now just on stdout)
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd a parent window property to the assistant
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiFix long line
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiUnref settings when changing the protocol
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiChange labels when creating an account
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiUnify the enter and create page.
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiSupport changing the filter func on the fly
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiReact to entry changes immediately
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiRemove the parameters from the unset pool when we set...
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiFilter out IRC and local-xmpp in the wizard
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiImplement a generic simple widget
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiImplement a simple SIP widget
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd simple implementations for many widgets
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiUpdate label layout and add an "apply" logic
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd a way to hook up to the apply sensitivity
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd the details page to the assistant
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd an API to filter protocols
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd the concept of simple account widget
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiFix long lines
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiRemove dead code
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiAdd private struct and responses to first page
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiStyle fixes