2010-12-06 Emilio Pozuelo... Point to #empathy instead of #telepathy
2010-12-04 Sjoerd SimonsFix uninitialized use of a variable
2010-12-03 Guillaume Desmottesgdk_x11_drawable_get_xdisplay() has been renamed, so...
2010-12-03 Guillaume Desmotteschatroom-mamanger: monitor for file changes (#636360)
2010-12-03 Gabor KelemenFix another article
2010-12-03 Gabor KelemenFix article
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmottesrename unused empathy_chatroom_manager_chat_handled()
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmotteschatroom-manager: use a room channel Observer (#636202)
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmotteschat-manager: stop telling the chat mgr about handled...
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy_chatroom_manager_get_count()
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmotteschatroom-manager: unify coding style
2010-12-01 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'irc-grab-636203'
2010-12-01 Guillaume Desmottestp-contact-factory: request avatar feature
2010-12-01 Guillaume DesmottesCheck if apply button has a top level window before...
2010-11-30 Jonny Lambempathy-spell: implement _get_enabled_language_codes...
2010-11-30 Jonny Lambempathy-spell: updated _get_suggestions disabled implem...
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottesupdate copyrights
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottesremove old defines
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmotteschat-window: don't display notifications for pending...
2010-11-30 Guillaume DesmottesEmpathyChat::new-message: tell if the message is a...
2010-11-30 Guillaume DesmottesStop calling gtk_menu_detach()
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_sound_manager_dup_singleton: add G_LIKELY
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottesfix typo in comment
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottessound-manager: update copyright
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottessound-manager: cache the sound GSettings
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottessound-manager: move repeating_sounds to EmpathySoundMan...
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottesmove sound functions to EmpathySoundManager methods
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottesadd EmpathySoundManager stub object (#636067)
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottesmove empathy-sound to empathy-sound-manager
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-notifications-approver.c to POTFILES.in
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 2.91.3 release
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesevent-manager: cache the UI GSettings
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesevent-manager: cache the notifications GSettings
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottestheme_adium_parse_body: use the cache GSettings chat
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesnotify-manager: cache the notification GSettings
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesavatar-chooser: cache the UI GSettings
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmotteschat-text-view: cache the chat GSettings
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chat-text-view: rename gsettings to gsettings_d...
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmotteschat-window: cache the UI GSettings
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmotteschat-window: cache the notifications GSettings
2010-11-29 Guillaume Desmottesfix typo
2010-11-27 Sjoerd SimonsInitialize libnotify properly to prevent crashes
2010-11-26 Will ThompsonDebug window: Correct spelling of "misson-control"
2010-11-26 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote branch 'glassrose/full_room_menu_never_ins...
2010-11-26 Chandni VermaOnly the required submenus of 'Room' menu are updated...
2010-11-25 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'notifications-635500'
2010-11-25 A S Alamupdate for Punjabi by A S Alam
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmottesproperly manage the reference of the pixbuf returned...
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_individual_view_get_group_menu: don't leak...
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmottesrename empathy_individual_view_get_selected_group to...
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmotteslog_window_get_messages_for_date: don't leak chat_id...
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmottessmiley-manager: clean up memory management of the path
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_message_from_tpl_log_entry: don't leak receiver...
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmotteschat_log_filter: don't leak EmpathyMessage
2010-11-23 Guillaume DesmottesClean up the way we keep references on notifications
2010-11-23 Guillaume Desmottesuse tp_g_signal_connect_object
2010-11-23 Guillaume Desmottesfix comment
2010-11-23 Guillaume Desmottesempathy.c: instantiate a EmpathyNotificationsApprover
2010-11-23 Guillaume DesmottesMove notifications code from status-icon to notificatio...
2010-11-23 Guillaume Desmottesadd EmpathyNotificationsApprover
2010-11-23 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-av: early return if already activated
2010-11-23 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chat: register the Handler when the app is...
2010-11-23 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chat: don't use G_APPLICATION_IS_SERVICE
2010-11-22 Nishio FutoshiFix miss spelling quadrigraphs in the configure.ac...
2010-11-22 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'chat-resize-635022'
2010-11-22 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote branch 'glassrose/link_unfocussed_626560'
2010-11-22 Chandni VermaLabel removed form list of focusable widgets
2010-11-21 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2010-11-21 Dr.T.VasudevanUpdated Tamil translation
2010-11-20 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2010-11-20 Gheyret T.KenjiAdded UG translation
2010-11-20 Fran DiéguezUpdated Galician translations
2010-11-19 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2010-11-18 Ivar Smolin[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2010-11-18 Guillaume Desmottesindividual_avatar_pixbuf_received_cb: don't leak the...
2010-11-18 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out free_iters
2010-11-18 Guillaume Desmottescell_renderer_text_set_property: don't leak client...
2010-11-18 Guillaume Desmottesindividual_store_name_sort_func: don't leak names
2010-11-18 Guillaume Desmotteschat: add a timer before saving the hpane position
2010-11-18 Dr.T.VasudevanUpdated Tamil translation
2010-11-18 Dr.T.VasudevanUpdated Tamil translation
2010-11-17 Guillaume Desmottesset do-lost property on the gstrtpjitterbuffer element
2010-11-17 Guillaume Desmottesremove EMPATHY_CONTACT_LIST_STORE_COL_CLIENT_TYPES
2010-11-17 Emilio Pozuelo... Merge branch 'bug-547658'
2010-11-17 Emilio Pozuelo... Remove spurious comment
2010-11-17 Emilio Pozuelo... Display the phone next to the status
2010-11-17 Guillaume Desmotteschat-window: cache the 'chat' gsettings
2010-11-16 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'vminko/fix-634688-v3'
2010-11-16 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'desktop-schema-626810'
2010-11-16 Vitaly MinkoNeed to set preferred height of the search bar manually...
2010-11-16 Ivar Smolin[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2010-11-16 Guillaume Desmottesfix identation
2010-11-16 Guillaume Desmottesremove gconf dep
2010-11-16 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-panel: remove gconf bits (#634595)
2010-11-16 Guillaume Desmottesuse gsettings version of the document-font-name key...
2010-11-16 Guillaume Desmottesdepend on gsettings-desktop-schemas
2010-11-15 Emilio Pozuelo... Only check for presence in presence-enabled personas 2.0
2010-11-15 Jonny Lambempathy-individual-store: only check for presence in...
2010-11-15 Jonny Lambindividual-widget: show a "on a phone" label in the...