2011-04-20 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2011-04-20 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'timestamp-648188'
2011-04-19 Guillaume Desmotteschat_text_view_append_timestamp: use empathy_time_to_st...
2011-04-19 Guillaume DesmottesPort all timestamps from time_t to gint64 (#648188)
2011-04-19 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-time: remove unused functions
2011-04-19 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-message: cast timestamps to glong
2011-04-19 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_message_new_from_tp_message: assign priv as...
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts_dialog_cms_prepare_cb: don't update the settin...
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesuse the TpChannel:chat-state-changed signal
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesuse delivery report instead of Text.SendError
2011-04-18 Cosimo Cecchipreferences: use GtkBox instead of Gtk[V,H]Box
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out handle_incoming_message()
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-message: remove useless public setters
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy_message_new()
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesuse tp_text_channel_send_message_async()
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmotteschat_send_error_cb: don't display the message if it...
2011-04-18 Philip WithnallBug 647056 — Removing a contact causes a segfault
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out empathy_message_new_from_tp_message
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-message: add missing getter/setter
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesuse TpTextChannel:message-sent
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesuse TpTextChannel:message-received
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesuse tp_text_channel_get_pending_messages() to get the...
2011-04-18 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-tp-chat: ensure that we get a TpTextChannel
2011-04-18 Guillaume DesmottesAdd translation context on some strings (#646131)
2011-04-18 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2011-04-15 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'nm-asleep-647793'
2011-04-15 Guillaume Desmottesconnectivity: consider that network is disconnected...
2011-04-14 Nguyễn Thái... Updated Vietnamese translation
2011-04-14 Nguyễn Thái... po/vi.po: import from Damned Lies
2011-04-13 Youness AlaouiEnable audio/video capabilities if InitialAudio/Video...
2011-04-11 Daniel Martinez[l10n] Updated Argonesian translation
2011-04-11 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2011-04-07 Guillaume Desmottesft-manager: add a 'Close' button (#646084)
2011-04-07 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out close_window()
2011-04-07 Guillaume DesmottesDisplay a notification for auth events
2011-04-07 Vitaly MinkoBase the search bar on GtkToolbar instead of GtkHBox...
2011-04-06 Guillaume Desmotteslog_manager_got_entities_cb: don't use the currently...
2011-04-06 Guillaume Desmottesemulate '/me' command if CM doesn't support Action...
2011-04-06 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_tp_chat_get_self_contact()
2011-04-06 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2011-04-05 Bruno BrouardUpdated French Doc Translation
2011-04-05 Philip WithnallBug 646227 — Possible overflow in persona-view:drag_dat...
2011-04-04 Guillaume DesmottesRevert "-Fix use of include <config.h> to make sure...
2011-04-04 Kjartan Maraas-Fix use of include <config.h> to make sure translation...
2011-04-04 Stef WalterRemove unnecessary code in empathy_auth_factory_constru...
2011-04-04 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-04-04 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.0 release
2011-04-04 Danilo SeganInitialize matched to FALSE to stop -Wall breaking...
2011-04-04 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2011-04-04 Baris CicekUpdated Turkish translation
2011-04-04 OKANO TakayoshiUpdated Japanese translation
2011-04-03 Wolfgang Stöggl[l10n] Updated German doc translation, umlauts fixed
2011-04-03 Jordi Serratosa[l10n]Fixes on Catalan translation
2011-04-03 Wolfgang Stöggl[l10n] Updated German translation, umlauts fixed
2011-04-03 George Stefanakisl10n: Updated Greek translation for empathy
2011-04-03 Kenneth NielsenUpdated Danish translation
2011-04-03 Rodrigo Padula... Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation. Reviewed...
2011-04-02 Jorge GonzálezUpdated Spanish translation
2011-04-01 Guillaume Desmottesset a category on presence notifications
2011-04-01 Guillaume Desmottesset a category on chat related notifications
2011-04-01 Guillaume Desmottesset urgency hint on urgent notifications
2011-04-01 Leonid Kanterapplied patch from https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug...
2011-04-01 Nguyễn Thái... Updated Vietnamese translation
2011-04-01 Nguyễn Thái... po/vi.po: import from Damned Lies
2011-04-01 Hendrik RichterAdded translated German screenshots.
2011-04-01 Hendrik RichterAdded translated German screenshots.
2011-04-01 Hendrik RichterAdded translated German screenshots.
2011-04-01 Sweta KothariUpdated Gujarati Translations
2011-04-01 Mario Blättermann[l10n] Updated German doc translation
2011-04-01 Shaun McCancehelp/C/figures: Icon and screenshot updates
2011-03-30 Branko KokanovićUpdated Serbian translation
2011-03-30 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2011-03-30 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_chat_window_present_chat: no need to call show_...
2011-03-30 Guillaume Desmottesmove the Enabled translator comment just before the...
2011-03-30 Guillaume Desmottesgivve translators context for the 'Unknown' string
2011-03-30 Guillaume Desmottesgive translators context for the 'Enabled' checkbox...
2011-03-29 Pavol KlačanskýAdded Slovak translation
2011-03-29 Cosimo Cecchift-manager: make sure the scrolled window expands in...
2011-03-29 Guillaume Desmottesdon't format header of presence notifications (#646097)
2011-03-29 Luca FerrettiUse /org/gnome as starting path for schemas
2011-03-29 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2011-03-28 Hannie DumoleynUpdated Dutch translation by Hannie Dumoleyn
2011-03-28 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-03-28 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 2.91.93
2011-03-28 Rajesh Ranjanhindi updated
2011-03-28 Guillaume Desmottesevent-manager: only display incoming messages in notifi...
2011-03-28 Guillaume Desmottestheme-adium: keep count of the pages loading instead...
2011-03-27 Abduxukur AbdurixitAdded UG translation
2011-03-27 Žygimantas... Updated Lithuanian translation
2011-03-27 Dr.T.VasudevanUpdated Tamil translation
2011-03-26 Krasimir ChonovUpdated Bulgarian translation
2011-03-25 Aron XuUpdate Simplified Chinese translation.
2011-03-25 A S Alamupdate tranlation for Punjabi by A S Alam
2011-03-24 Sandeep ShedmakeUpdated Marathi Translations
2011-03-24 Guillaume DesmottesCalendar widget should be disabled if no contact select...
2011-03-24 Guillaume Desmottesaccount_chooser_filter_ready_cb: don't unref the account
2011-03-23 Guillaume Desmotteschat_window_new_message_cb: check that we found the...
2011-03-23 Guillaume Desmottestp_chat_got_renamed_contacts_cb: use tp_clear_object...
2011-03-23 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-03-22 Mario Blättermann[l10n] Updated German translation