2013-10-12 Guillaume Desmottesdebug: stop using tp_list_connection_names()
2013-10-12 Guillaume Desmottesdebug: make add_client() more generic
2013-10-12 Guillaume Desmottesuse Cogl versioning macros
2013-10-12 Jiro Matsuzawal10n: Update Japanese translation
2013-10-10 Arash MousaviL10N: Updated Persian translations
2013-10-10 Guillaume Desmottestelepathy-account-widgets: update
2013-10-10 Carles Ferrando[l10n] Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation
2013-10-10 Xavier ClaessensEmpathyMessage: remove flags, they are useless
2013-10-10 Xavier ClaessensAdd missing telepathy-glib-dbus.h includes
2013-10-10 Xavier ClaessensRename NUM_TP_ to TP_NUM_
2013-10-03 Guillaume Desmottesui-utils: remove useless self assignations
2013-10-03 Guillaume Desmottesindividual-widget: fix enum casting warning
2013-10-03 Guillaume Desmottesuse folks_presence_details_get_default_message_from_type
2013-10-03 Guillaume Desmottesindividual-view: fix enum casting warning
2013-09-30 Chao-Hsiung... Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and...
2013-09-26 Igor GnatenkoEmpathyDebugWindow: set request widget size, drop set...
2013-09-25 Emin Tufan... [l10n]Updated Turkish translation
2013-09-25 Guillaume Desmottesindividual-store-channel: don't steal pixbuf store...
2013-09-25 Guillaume Desmottesuse (room-name, account-path) as primary key when remov...
2013-09-25 Guillaume Desmottesmenu_removed_cb: fix 'name' leak
2013-09-25 Guillaume Desmottesmenu_removed_cb: call g_menu_model_get_n_items() once
2013-09-25 Guillaume DesmottesCreate one single GAction to join rooms
2013-09-24 Guillaume Desmottespreferences: remove location resources BIND_SENSITIVE...
2013-09-24 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2013-09-24 Guillaume Desmottes3.10.0
2013-09-24 Guillaume Desmottestheme-adium: still execute the start of the script...
2013-09-23 Chao-Hsiung... Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and...
2013-09-23 Igor GnatenkoEmpathyDebugger: Initialize gint argc as 0
2013-09-23 victoryl10n: Update Japanese translation
2013-09-23 Jiro Matsuzawal10n: Update Japanese translation
2013-09-23 Mattias Põldaru[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
2013-09-21 Daniel KorostilUpdated Ukrainian
2013-09-21 Peter MrázUpdated slovak translation
2013-09-19 Khaled HosnyUpdate Arabic translation
2013-09-18 Josep Sànchez[l10n] Update Catalan translation
2013-09-18 Enrico NicolettoUpdated Brazilian Portuguese translation
2013-09-18 Inaki Larranaga... Updated Basque language
2013-09-18 A S AlamPunjabi Translation updated by Aman
2013-09-17 Guillaume Desmottescoding style fixes
2013-09-17 Guillaume Desmottesadd missing config.h includes
2013-09-17 Guillaume Desmottestls-test: use tp-glib single headers
2013-09-16 Kenneth NielsenUpdated Danish translation
2013-09-16 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2013-09-16 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.9.92
2013-09-16 Guillaume DesmottesTemplate.html: remove DOCTYPE
2013-09-16 Xavier Claessensnautilus-send-to: Use GtkListBox API instead of EggListBox
2013-09-16 Xavier ClaessensStop using deprecated libaccounts-glib functions
2013-09-16 Xavier ClaessensStop using Folks deprecated functions
2013-09-16 Xavier ClaessensFix UOA build
2013-09-14 Ville-Pekka... Finnish translation update by Jiri Grönroos
2013-09-14 Benjamin SteinwenderUpdated German translation
2013-09-13 Changwoo RyuUpdated Korean translation
2013-09-12 Gabor KelemenUpdated Hungarian translation
2013-09-12 Nilamdyuti... Assamese Translation Updated
2013-09-11 Rūdolfs MazursUpdated Latvian translation
2013-09-11 Chandni VermaUse tpaw_uoa_manager_dup instead of empathy_uoa_manager_dup
2013-09-10 Pavol KlačanskýUpdated slovak translation
2013-09-10 Guillaume Desmottes.gitignore: automake 1.13 copies in /test-driver
2013-09-09 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-09-09 Guillaume Desmottesdebug-window: fix typo
2013-09-09 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2013-09-09 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.8.4
2013-09-09 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-09-09 Guillaume Desmottesdebug-window: ellipsize the message text renderer
2013-09-09 Yuri MyasoedovUpdated Russian translation
2013-09-09 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy.appdata.xml
2013-09-08 Gabor KelemenUpdated Hungarian help translation
2013-09-08 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2013-09-08 Andika TriwidadaUpdated Indonesian translation
2013-09-08 Ihar HrachyshkaUpdated Belarusian translation.
2013-09-07 Мирослав НиколићUpdated Serbian translation
2013-09-05 Marek ČernockýUpdated Czech translation
2013-09-05 Guillaume Desmottesbump GDK_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED to 3.8
2013-09-05 Guillaume Desmottesstop using gtk_style_context_get_font
2013-09-05 Guillaume Desmottesstop using gtk_icon_info_free()
2013-09-04 Guillaume Desmottesremove egg-list-box
2013-09-04 Guillaume Desmottesroster-view: inherit from GtkListBox
2013-09-04 Guillaume Desmottesroster-group: inherit from GtkListBoxRow
2013-09-04 Guillaume Desmottesroster-contact: inherit from GtkListBoxRow
2013-09-04 Guillaume Desmottesdepends on Gtk+ 3.9.4
2013-09-04 Guillaume Desmottesfix 'popup-individual-menu' in roster tests
2013-09-04 Guillaume Desmottesdepend on Geoclue 1.99.3
2013-09-04 Chao-Hsiung... Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and...
2013-09-04 Piotr DrągUpdated Polish translation
2013-09-03 Alexandre FrankeUpdate French translation
2013-09-03 Seán de BúrcaUpdated Irish translation
2013-09-03 Aurimas ČerniusUpdated Lithuanian translation
2013-09-03 Seán de BúrcaUpdated Irish translation
2013-09-03 Milo Casagrande[l10n] Updated Italian translation.
2013-09-03 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2013-09-03 Guillaume Desmottes3.9.91
2013-09-03 Marco Barisionetelepathy-account-widgets: update submodule
2013-09-03 Marco Barisioneconfigure.ac: pass --with-gettext-package to tp-aw...
2013-09-03 Tim LunnUOA: Fix build failure
2013-09-03 Guillaume Desmottespreferences: remove location sources preferences
2013-09-03 Guillaume Desmotteslocation-manager: use Geoclue 2
2013-09-03 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-geoclue-helper
2013-09-03 Guillaume Desmottesdepends on GLib 2.37
2013-09-03 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2013-09-02 Rafael FerreiraUpdate Brazilian Portuguese translation, proofread...