2012-07-24 Piotr DrągUpdated POTFILES.in
2012-07-24 Tom TryfonidisUpdated Greek translation
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesaccounts-plugin-widget: set the right icon name
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesaccount-plugins: implement delete
2012-07-24 Guillaume DesmottesGenerate plugins for most protocols
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesadd generate-plugins.py
2012-07-24 Guillaume DesmottesAdd jabber provider, service and plugin
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesaccount-plugin-widget: display the top bar and account...
2012-07-24 Guillaume DesmottesHook cc-plugins to the build system
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-account-plugin
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesadd account-plugin-widget
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy.application to EXTRA_DIST
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesprepare
2012-07-24 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy.application
2012-07-23 Laurent Contzenempathy-roster-model-manager: added xmpp-local contacts...
2012-07-23 Laurent Contzenempathy-roster-model: New virtual method _get_groups_fo...
2012-07-23 Laurent Contzenempathy-roster-model, empathy-roster-model-manager...
2012-07-23 Xavier ClaessensFix distcheck when doing parallel build
2012-07-23 Xavier ClaessensDo not install MC plugins into MC's prefix
2012-07-23 Guillaume DesmottesGo back to libgee 0.6.x
2012-07-23 Xavier ClaessensAdd Ubuntu Online Accounts auth handler
2012-07-23 Xavier ClaessensUOA mc-plugin: Actually implement it
2012-07-23 Guillaume DesmottesMake sure we define MISSION_CONTROL_PLUGINS_DIR when...
2012-07-23 Guillaume Desmottesconfigure.ac: export a bunch of variables from UOA...
2012-07-23 Xavier ClaessensAdd skeleton of an MC plugin to import Ubuntu Online...
2012-07-23 Guillaume Desmottesconfigure: detect if Ubuntu Online Accounts dep is...
2012-07-23 Guillaume Desmottescoding style fixes
2012-07-23 Laurent Contzenempathy-roster-model-manager: deal with members-changed...
2012-07-23 Laurent Contzenempathy-roster-view: start using empathy-roster-model
2012-07-23 Laurent Contzenempathy-roster-model-manager.c: implement empathy_roste...
2012-07-23 Laurent Contzenempathy-roster-model-manager: Pass an EmpathyIndividual...
2012-07-23 Guillaume Desmottesroster-model: add API to track individuals
2012-07-23 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-roster-model-manager
2012-07-23 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-roster-model
2012-07-19 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_account_settings_set_storage_provider()
2012-07-19 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on tp-glib 0.19;4
2012-07-19 Guillaume Desmottesexport empathy_account_widget_apply_and_log_in()
2012-07-19 Guillaume DesmottesCheck for libgee dep
2012-07-19 Alban Browaeysgee_iterator_first is no more in libgee 0.8
2012-07-19 Jeremy Whitinglibempathy: Port empathy to libgee 0.8.
2012-07-18 Xavier ClaessensImplement Google X-OAUTH2 SASL mechanism
2012-07-18 Xavier ClaessensMove SASL mechanism implementations into its own file
2012-07-17 Guillaume Desmottesempathy: use tp_account_manager_enable_restart()
2012-07-17 Guillaume Desmottesremove MC password migration code
2012-07-17 Guillaume DesmottesTurn libempathy-gtk to a public lib
2012-07-17 Guillaume DesmottesTurn libempathy to a public lib
2012-07-17 Guillaume Desmottestp-chat: prepare the Password feature if needed
2012-07-17 Guillaume DesmottesRevert "tp-chat:requires TP_CHANNEL_FEATURE_PASSWORD"
2012-07-17 Laurent ContzenDisplay the Top Contacts group name above the top conta...
2012-07-17 Guillaume Desmottestp-chat:requires TP_CHANNEL_FEATURE_PASSWORD
2012-07-16 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2012-07-16 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.5.4
2012-07-16 Guillaume DesmottesDisplay GOA_PKG_ERRORS if deps are missing
2012-07-16 Xavier ClaessensFix build warning: A string format is required
2012-07-16 Guillaume DesmottesUse new tp_account_* getters
2012-07-16 Guillaume Desmottespreferences: use the factory to create the TpAccount
2012-07-16 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on tp-glib 0.19.3
2012-07-15 Ihar HrachyshkaUpdated Belarusian translation.
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmotteschat-window: use self->priv pattern
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmotteschat-window: port to new coding styles
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmottesnew-chatroom-dialog: set default response
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy-contact-dialogs
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmottesremove useless includes
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmottesindividual-menu: use the individual version of the...
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmotteslog-window: use empathy_display_individual_info()
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmottescontact-search-dialog: use empathy_display_individual_i...
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmotteschat: use empathy_display_individual_info()
2012-07-11 Guillaume Desmottesfactor out empathy_display_individual_info()
2012-07-10 Yaron ShahrabaniUpdated Hebrew translation.
2012-07-10 Žygimantas... Updated Lithuanian translation
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesprotocol-chooser: set pixbuf on the cell rather than...
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesroster-view: export special group names
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesroster-view: add empathy_roster_view_get_group_at_y()
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_roster_contact_get_avatar_pixbuf()
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottescall-window: use gdk_keyval_to_unicode()
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesdialpad-widget: use EmpathyDialpadButton
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-dialpad-button
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottescall-window: allow user to enter dtmf events using...
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_dialpad_widget_press_key()
2012-07-09 Guillaume Desmottesdialpad-widget: store buttons in a hash table
2012-07-09 Kjartan MaraasUpdated Norwegian bokmål translation
2012-07-09 A S AlamUpdate Punjabi Translation
2012-07-06 Daniel MustielesUpdated Spanish translation
2012-07-06 Guillaume Desmottesindividual-widget: don't display unknown presence
2012-07-06 Guillaume Desmottesinline block_contact_dialog_show() into subscription...
2012-07-06 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy_subscription_dialog_show()
2012-07-06 Guillaume Desmottesevent-manager: use EmpathySubscriptionDialog
2012-07-05 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-subscription-dialog
2012-07-04 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_adium_path_is_valid: check if the directory...
2012-07-04 Guillaume Desmottesroster-contact: force the size of the avatar
2012-07-04 Guillaume Desmottespixbuf_avatar_from_individual_closure_new: use the...
2012-07-04 Guillaume Desmottesavatar_icon_load_cb: use gdk_pixbuf_new_from_stream_at_...
2012-07-04 Guillaume Desmottesui-utils: factor out pixbuf_round_corners()
2012-07-04 Guillaume Desmottesui-utils: remove unused public functions
2012-07-04 Guillaume Desmottesui-utils: port to TP coding style
2012-07-04 Frédéric Pétersboxes theme: style actions like before
2012-07-04 Frédéric Pétersclassic theme: style action lines like before
2012-07-04 Frédéric Pétersclassic theme: more colour updates
2012-07-04 Tom TryfonidisUpdated Greek translations