Merge branch 'tube-bus-name'
[empathy.git] /
2009-03-17 Xavier ClaessensFix creation of svn tag
2009-03-10 Xavier ClaessensFix release script in case there is no fixed bugs
2009-03-03 Xavier ClaessensUpdate release script to correctly create SVN tag.
2009-02-16 Xavier ClaessensImprove release script
2008-09-19 Xavier ClaessensFix release script to correctly detect bug numbers
2008-09-09 Xavier ClaessensRemove debug messages introduced by error.
2008-09-01 Xavier ClaessensSupport "blah (closes: #1234)" message format.
2008-07-15 Xavier ClaessensFix the release script to correctly send emails when...
2008-06-02 Xavier ClaessensFix sending emails from release script
2008-06-02 Xavier ClaessensSend announce emails from release script
2008-04-18 Xavier ClaessensUpdate release script to take actions in command line...
2008-03-04 Xavier ClaessensAdd an action to the release script
2008-02-09 Xavier ClaessensPrepare for 0.21.90 release
2008-01-21 Xavier ClaessensImprove release script
2008-01-16 Xavier ClaessensPrepare for release
2008-01-14 Xavier ClaessensFix authors for fixed bugs in NEWS and,...
2008-01-14 Xavier ClaessensImprove a bit script
2008-01-14 Xavier ClaessensRemove action from script
2008-01-14 Xavier ClaessensUpdate NEWS for 0.21.5 release
2008-01-13 Xavier ClaessensImprove release script
2008-01-06 Xavier ClaessensAdd a python release script that uses GIT