Merge branch 'irc-dialog-579800'
[empathy.git] / nothere /
2009-04-19 Xavier ClaessensMerge commit 'bigon/configure-deprecated-flag'
2009-04-17 Laurent BigonvilleUse autotools magic to take care of disabling deprecate...
2009-04-16 Xavier ClaessensRemove reference to glade from panel applets
2008-12-12 Xavier ClaessensInit empathy for megaphone, nothere and check-main.
2008-04-13 Xavier ClaessensAdd nothere files to gitignore.
2008-04-13 Xavier ClaessensFix icon lookup in nothere. Fixes bug #527924 (Frederic...
2008-04-13 Xavier ClaessensMake possible to remove nothere applet from planel...
2007-09-21 Xavier ClaessensFix ref count error for account objects.