Port megaphone applet to new API
[empathy.git] / megaphone / src / megaphone-applet.c
2009-04-22 Xavier ClaessensPort megaphone applet to new API
2009-01-23 Jonny LambRenamed G_STR_EMPTY to EMP_STR_EMPTY.
2009-01-15 Xavier Claessensempathy_mission_control_new -> dup_singleton.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensPort EmpathyContactManager to the new singleton policy.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensPort EmpathyContactFactory to the new singleton policy.
2008-12-24 Xavier ClaessensRemove libgnomevfs include in megaphone-applet.c (Andre...
2008-12-12 Xavier ClaessensInit empathy for megaphone, nothere and check-main.
2008-10-03 Gabor KelemanMark some forgotten strings for translation (bug #553066)
2008-05-27 Xavier ClaessensMove avatar cache to ~/.cache and don't mix avatar...
2008-05-05 Xavier ClaessensKeep a priv pointer in the object struct instead of...
2008-04-30 Xavier ClaessensMake use of tp-glib debug system.
2008-04-25 Xavier ClaessensCreate contact menu in empathy-contact-menu.h
2008-01-20 Xavier ClaessensDo not take show_groups in empathy_contact_list_store_new
2008-01-20 Xavier ClaessensAdd a property to have or not groups on EmpathyContactL...
2008-01-20 Xavier ClaessensAdd a features property on EmpathyContactListView to...
2007-10-09 Xavier ClaessensMore flexible API for EmpathyContactWidget, we now...
2007-10-01 Xavier ClaessensUpdated to use new avatar cache.
2007-09-21 Xavier ClaessensFix ref count error for account objects.