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2009-08-06 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'jtellier/empathy-contact-widget-style'
2009-08-06 Olivier CrêteMove the FsElementElementAddedNotifier over the main...
2009-08-06 Olivier CrêteMake it possible to set element properties from a confi...
2009-08-06 Olivier CrêtePut codec preferences in a configuration file
2009-07-23 Louis-Francis Ratt... Fixed copy/paste mistake (Remove members from the right...
2009-07-21 Frédéric PétersPut configuration data in XDG_CONFIG_DIRS (GNOME bug...
2009-07-20 Arnaud MailletAdd EMPATHY_DEBUG_SHARE_DESKTOP in libempathy/empathy...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyMerge commit 'jtellier/video-call-button-sensitivity'
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyRevert "Remove deprecated call to g_mapped_file_free()"
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleySmall style fixes
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyRemove deprecated call to g_mapped_file_free()
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyImplement CAN_GROUP by looking at RequestableChannelClasses
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyAdd empathy_contact_manager_initialized()
2009-07-15 Davyd Madeleycall GetAliasFlags() to determine if an alias can be...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyConvert empathy_contact_manager_can_add() to empathy_co...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyRemove redundant empathy_tp_contact_list_can_add()
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyExpose channel group flags via EmpathyContactList iface
2009-07-14 Gustavo Noronha... Merge branch 'fix-585882'
2009-07-13 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-message.c: remove a trailing space
2009-07-10 Davyd MadeleyMerge branch 'label-align'
2009-07-08 Nicolò ChieffoSupport for history message in Adium themes. Use contex...
2009-07-07 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_contact_manager_can_add: raise an error if...
2009-07-02 Jonathan TellierAdded functions to determine if a contact has video...
2009-07-02 Gustavo Noronha... Merge branch 'fix-585601'
2009-07-01 Will ThompsonMerge branch 'part-reasons'
2009-07-01 Abner SilvaRemoving chatroom from the list before emmiting chatroo...
2009-07-01 Sjoerd SimonsMerge branch 'empathy-account'
2009-07-01 Sjoerd Simonsclarify when notify::connection is signalled
2009-07-01 Sjoerd Simonsfix coding style
2009-07-01 Sjoerd SimonsClarify that we own the keys/values in the accounts...
2009-07-01 Sjoerd Simonsexplain the connect_time struct member
2009-07-01 Sjoerd SimonsFix coding style
2009-07-01 Sjoerd SimonsPort libempathy to EmpathyAccount
2009-07-01 Sjoerd SimonsPort EmpathyTpRoomlist to EmpathyAccount
2009-07-01 Sjoerd SimonsImplement EmpathyAccount
2009-06-30 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinImprove geocoding debugging and add more fields
2009-06-30 Sjoerd SimonsFallback to OFFLINE when getting an unknown presence...
2009-06-30 Sjoerd SimonsUse NM by default
2009-06-30 Sjoerd SimonsAlways react when disconnecting from the network
2009-06-30 Sjoerd SimonsOptionally use libnm-glib for NetworkManager integration
2009-06-28 Xavier ClaessensMerge commit 'elliot/bug-584703-c'
2009-06-26 Xavier ClaessensRing on outgoing call.
2009-06-26 Elliot Fairweatherdisconnect from invalidated signal before unreferencing...
2009-06-26 Elliot Fairweatherdisconnnect from invalidated signal before unreferencin...
2009-06-26 Giedrius SlavinskasUse gnome-session instead of gnome-screensaver to know...
2009-06-25 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinMerge branch 'fix-prefs'
2009-06-25 Jonny LambMerge branch 'debugger'
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-utils: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-tp-contact-list: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-tp-chat: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-time: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-idle: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-contact-manager: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chatroom: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-22 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'status-icon-586645'
2009-06-22 Guillaume DesmottesAssume our presence is offline if MC reports it as...
2009-06-19 Will ThompsonStyle: avoid marching off the right margin
2009-06-19 Will ThompsonStyle: use FIXME not TODO
2009-06-19 Will ThompsonCoding style: one declaration per line.
2009-06-18 Will ThompsonInclude actor in members-changed if possible
2009-06-18 Guillaume Desmottesstatus_presets_file_parse: discard invalid presence...
2009-06-18 Guillaume Desmottesadd doc about empathy_status_presets_is_valid
2009-06-18 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy_status_presets_is_valid
2009-06-18 Jonny LambImplement o.fd.Tp.Debug. (Fixes #580631)
2009-06-18 Jonny LambSet G_LOG_DOMAIN in libempathy and empathy.
2009-06-18 Jonny LambUse correct emacs modelines.
2009-06-17 Frédéric PétersRefuse sending empty or special files (directories...
2009-06-16 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'jtellier/video-call-stop-showing-last...
2009-06-16 Patryk ZawadzkiIntroduce empathy_contact_equal, adapt themes
2009-06-15 Jonathan TellierThe EmpathyCallHandler correctly initializes it "initia...
2009-06-15 Pierre-Luc Beaudoinempathy_time_to_string_relative was missing weeks
2009-06-15 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'jtellier/call-window-video-preview'
2009-06-14 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_idle_init: fallback to OFFLINE instead of UNSET...
2009-06-12 Jonathan TellierBetter implemented empathy_tp_call_is_receiving_video...
2009-06-12 Jonathan TellierNot creating the video preview if we don't want to...
2009-06-12 Jonathan TellierWhen no video is received or sent we show contacts...
2009-06-12 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'ft_ipv4'
2009-06-12 Cosimo CecchiDrop PORT access control support for now
2009-06-11 Xavier ClaessensAdd doc for empathy_avatar_new()
2009-06-11 Xavier ClaessensAdd the filename in EmpathyAvatar and fallback to stock...
2009-06-11 Xavier ClaessensAdd initial adium theme support: Load the template...
2009-06-09 Will ThompsonMerge branch 'ft-error-confusion'
2009-06-09 Will ThompsonCorrectly propagate Provide/Accept errors
2009-06-09 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'jtellier/call-window-redial-button'
2009-06-09 Jonathan TellierAdded a "Redial" button to the call window.
2009-06-09 Guillaume Desmottescontact_get_avatar_filename: remove unused priv pointer
2009-06-09 Guillaume Desmottescontact_get_avatar_filename: use empathy_contact_get_id...
2009-06-09 Will ThompsonRemove outstanding operations before dispatching them
2009-06-09 Will ThompsonDocument the purpose of outstanding_channels
2009-06-09 Will ThompsonBreak after deleting current item in chatroom list
2009-06-09 Will ThompsonExtract removing chatroom links to a function
2009-06-09 Will ThompsonConsistently use this_chatroom when removing a room
2009-06-09 Guillaume Desmottestube-handler: use TpChannel directly instead of Empathy...
2009-06-09 Guillaume Desmottesstop to build empathy-tp-tube
2009-06-09 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy-tp-tube
2009-06-07 Will ThompsonDon't double-unref superseded group TpChannels.
2009-06-07 Cosimo CecchiFix make check
2009-06-07 Cosimo CecchiEmit an error for socket types we don't handle
2009-06-07 Cosimo CecchiUse empathy_uint_compare
2009-06-07 Cosimo CecchiBuild fix after rebase