Merge branch 'sasl'
[empathy.git] / libempathy /
2010-12-07 Jonny LambMerge branch 'sasl'
2010-12-07 Jonny Lambserver-sasl-handler: shorten very long lines
2010-12-07 Jonny Lambserver-sasl-handler: stop using GET_PRIV
2010-12-06 Jonny Lambkeyring: change schema to be incompatible with current MC
2010-12-06 Jonny Lambserver-sasl-handler: handle invalid SASL statuses
2010-12-06 Jonny Lambkeyring: allow set and delete password to have NULL...
2010-12-06 Jonny Lambkeyring: add a delete_password function
2010-12-06 Jonny Lambserver-sasl-handler: save the password if requested
2010-12-06 Jonny Lambkeyring: add set_password_{async,finish} functions
2010-12-06 Jonny Lambserver-sasl-handler: make a GAsyncInitable and get...
2010-12-06 Jonny Lambkeyring: add simple keyring helper
2010-12-04 Sjoerd SimonsFix uninitialized use of a variable
2010-12-03 Guillaume Desmotteschatroom-mamanger: monitor for file changes (#636360)
2010-12-03 Jonny Lambauth-client: improve the password request dialog
2010-12-03 Jonny Lambserver-sasl-handler: add an account property
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmottesrename unused empathy_chatroom_manager_chat_handled()
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmotteschatroom-manager: use a room channel Observer (#636202)
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy_chatroom_manager_get_count()
2010-12-02 Guillaume Desmotteschatroom-manager: unify coding style
2010-12-01 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'irc-grab-636203'
2010-12-01 Jonny Lambauth-factory: create ServerSASLHandlers and signal...
2010-12-01 Jonny Lambserver-sasl-handler: added
2010-12-01 Jonny Lambauth-factory: add EmpathyAuthFactory::new-server-sasl...
2010-12-01 Jonny Lambauth-factory: also handle auth channels
2010-12-01 Jonny Lambdebug: add SASL debug flag and key
2010-12-01 Guillaume Desmottestp-contact-factory: request avatar feature
2010-11-25 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'notifications-635500'
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_message_from_tpl_log_entry: don't leak receiver...
2010-11-22 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote branch 'glassrose/link_unfocussed_626560'
2010-11-17 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortMerge branch 'bug-547658'
2010-11-16 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'vminko/fix-634688-v3'
2010-11-16 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'desktop-schema-626810'
2010-11-16 Guillaume Desmottesuse gsettings version of the document-font-name key...
2010-11-15 Jonny Lambcontact: enable showing a phone next to contacts who...
2010-11-15 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortMerge branch 'bug-607146'
2010-11-15 Brian PeppleMake ca-certs location configurable (#634197)
2010-11-15 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortMerge branch 'bug-595305'
2010-11-15 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'pwith/634754-folks-api-changes'
2010-11-13 Philip WithnallStop using removed Individual convenience methods from...
2010-11-08 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'preset-581029'
2010-11-02 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'vminko/fix-609942'
2010-11-02 Guillaume Desmottesimprove hash mismatch error (#632926)
2010-10-29 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'muc-crash-633329'
2010-10-28 Guillaume Desmotteschatroom-manager: ensure that we stay alive while prepa...
2010-10-25 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'vminko/fix-573283'
2010-10-25 Guillaume Desmottesidle.h: we have to include account from tp-glib
2010-10-20 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'kill-dispatcher-632550'
2010-10-20 Guillaume Desmottesuse tp_asv_* and TP_PROP_*
2010-10-20 Guillaume Desmottesremove empathy_dispatcher_find_requestable_channel_clas...
2010-10-20 Guillaume Desmottesno more need to iterate twice over the channel classes
2010-10-20 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-ft-handler: re-implement empathy_dispatcher_fin...
2010-10-20 Guillaume Desmottestp-chat: stop using EmpathyDispatcher to check if Confe...
2010-10-18 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'vminko/fix-632024-v2'
2010-10-17 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'external-accounts'
2010-10-15 Travis ReitterRemove obsolete ContactManager from IndividualManager.
2010-10-15 Travis ReitterCut obsolete IndividualManagerFlags.
2010-10-15 Travis ReitterAdd missing #include.
2010-10-15 Travis ReitterUse Folks to check if a TpConnection can alias and...
2010-10-15 Travis ReitterUse Folks to check if a TpConnection can add personas.
2010-10-14 Vitaly MinkoCheck format of some user names (#629261)
2010-10-08 Danielle MadeleyAccess Account.I.Storage properties via TpAccount
2010-10-08 Danielle MadeleyRevert changes to empathy-account-settings
2010-10-08 Danielle MadeleySupport Account.Interface.Storage
2010-10-04 Travis ReitterDon't bother fetching contact avatar details, since...
2010-10-04 Philip WithnallPort Empathy to use FolksAliasable and FolksGroupable
2010-10-04 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'sjoerd/master'
2010-10-04 Cosimo CecchiDon't ignore the CA certificate if it's the only one...
2010-10-01 Guillaume Desmottesremove 'import-asked' gsettings key
2010-10-01 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_account_settings_set_*: check arguments
2010-09-30 Guillaume Desmottescoding style fixes
2010-09-29 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'conference-tp-glib-630709'
2010-09-29 Guillaume Desmottesuse TP_PROP_*
2010-09-29 Guillaume Desmottesuse tp-glib API for Conference (#630709)
2010-09-29 Guillaume Desmottesuse gettext() instead of _()
2010-09-29 Guillaume Desmottesallow to translate 'Google Talk'
2010-09-29 Guillaume DesmottesAllow to set the Service of newly created account ...
2010-09-29 Guillaume DesmottesAdd empathy_service_name_to_display_name()
2010-09-29 Guillaume Desmottestp-roomlist: use TpAccountChannelRequest to create...
2010-09-27 Guillaume Desmottesvoip_cmp_func: first check if we support and then audio
2010-09-27 Guillaume DesmottesPrioritize default individual for chats using capabilit...
2010-09-27 Guillaume Desmottesrename presence_sort_func to presence_cmp_func
2010-09-20 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_account_settings_set_strv: we have to copy...
2010-09-14 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'smcv/conference'
2010-09-14 Simon McVittietp_chat_group_members_changed_cb: early return if remov...
2010-09-14 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'cosimo/tls-multireject'
2010-09-13 Simon McVittieMerge remote branch 'cosimoc/tls-multireject' into...
2010-09-13 Cosimo CecchiUse tp_clear_boxed() to free the Rejection array
2010-09-13 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'channel-accessors'
2010-09-13 Guillaume Desmottesuse tp_channel_get_requested()
2010-09-13 Cosimo CecchiUpdate Empathy to the new draft API
2010-09-13 Felix Kaserfixed typo in empathy utils
2010-09-09 Cosimo CecchiUse TP_ARRAY_TYPE_UCHAR_ARRAY_LIST
2010-09-09 Cosimo CecchiUse separate new/free functions for the handler context...
2010-09-09 Cosimo CecchiDon't assume there's only one concurrent TpHandleChanne...
2010-09-08 Nicolas DufresneAdd support for 'as' in account settings
2010-09-08 Cosimo CecchiMake sure we allocate the right size for certificates
2010-09-08 Cosimo CecchiUse better names for saving the certificates
2010-09-08 Cosimo CecchiMove _get_certificate_hostname() out of the verifier
2010-09-03 Philip WithnallAdd a heuristic to prefer audio- and video-capable...
2010-09-03 Philip WithnallAdd empathy_contact_dup_best_for_action()