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[empathy.git] / libempathy-gtk /
2009-03-03 Sjoerd SimonsRemove some useless blanks
2009-03-03 Sjoerd SimonsAdd support for changing various color channels of...
2009-03-03 Sjoerd SimonsAdd volume control and rms/peak level signals
2009-03-03 Sjoerd SimonsRemove some silly empty lines
2009-03-03 Sjoerd SimonsRemove videorate
2009-03-03 Sjoerd SimonsFix typo
2009-03-03 Sjoerd SimonsAdd sync and async properties
2009-03-03 Xavier ClaessensMove URI regex to empathy-ui-utils
2009-02-24 Frederic PetersSome string comments requested by translators (#572875)
2009-02-16 Sjoerd SimonsWhen finding a better element to use for volume, reset...
2009-02-16 Sjoerd SimonsAdd API to get and set the volume
2009-02-16 Bruce CowanMinor string fixes. Fixes bug #571635
2009-02-13 Guillaume Desmottesset some border in contact info dialog. Fixes bug ...
2009-02-11 Olivier CrêteFix type punned pointers warnings
2009-02-11 Sjoerd SimonsHookup the contact menu item cb correctly
2009-02-03 Xavier ClaessensFix naming of macros to be consistent with the class...
2009-02-03 Xavier ClaessensAdd a space between the function name and the (void)
2009-02-03 Sjoerd SimonsAdd minimum width and height properties
2009-02-03 Sjoerd Simonssink the videosink so we can hold a ref to it
2009-02-03 Sjoerd SimonsAdd a empathy_sound_play_full function
2009-02-03 Sjoerd SimonsDon't start the call from the message dialog, the handl...
2009-02-03 Sjoerd SimonsAdd audio/video sink and source abstractions
2009-02-03 Sjoerd SimonsSwitch to calling CallFactory to make calls
2009-01-30 Jonny LambUse contact-list property and create the store in the...
2009-01-30 Jonny LambRename _get_selected to _dup_selected and make sure...
2009-01-30 Jonny LambPass an EmpathyContactList to _new and create the store...
2009-01-30 Jonny LambRemoved old FIXME.
2009-01-30 Jonny LambDon't call a function in a variable declaration.
2009-01-30 Jonny LambUse g_signal_connect_swapped and remove useless functions.
2009-01-30 Jonny LambUnref the temp contact appropriately.
2009-01-30 Jonny LambSimplified loops in
2009-01-30 Jonny LambUse gtk_tree_store_insert_with_values.
2009-01-30 Jonny LambMake empathy_contact_selector_new return a GtkWidget...
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensExplicit check.
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensMove public methods at the bottom.
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensReorganize the constructor to avoid some casts and...
2009-01-30 Jonny LambDon't get a cast to EmpathyContactSelector when it...
2009-01-30 Jonny LambUse gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first instead of going...
2009-01-30 Jonny LambUse dispose_run in EmpathyContactSelector.
2009-01-30 Jonny LambRemove unnecessary casts and macros.
2009-01-30 Jonny LambSmall coding style and name changes.
2009-01-30 Jonny LambAdded argument checking to non-static functions.
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensremove redundant flag
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensadd translation function call
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensrename set and unset functions
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensconform to GET_PRIV style
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensunref store once only
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensremove finalize function
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensunref contact list store on dispose
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessenstidy
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensadd function to find number of online contacts; fix...
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensconsolidate sensitivity management
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensconsolidate blank contact management
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensmove get blank iter function
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensadd unset blank contact function
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensimprove function to find iter for blank contact
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensfix contact list store sorting
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensinclude config.h
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensinclude empathy-contact-list-store.h in empathy-contact...
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensuse EmpathyContactListStore directly
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensdo not add blank when popup showing; add blank when...
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensfix widget sensitivity
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensfix initial active contact problem; add blank contact...
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensupdate authors
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensupdate copyright and authors
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensadd selector .c and .h files
2009-01-30 Xavier Claessensupdate
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensMove empathy_notification_is_enabled () to src/
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensFix coding style.
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensInitialize GError to NULL before using it.
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensFix indentation.
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensAdd a convenience function to avoid hacks when getting...
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensW.I.P. for notifications on chat window.
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensImplement a logic for disabling notifications when...
2009-01-30 Xavier ClaessensModify code to handle new preferences.
2009-01-29 Xavier ClaessensAlso accept sftp as URL scheme.
2009-01-29 Xavier Claessens\n is also a delimiter for URLs.
2009-01-23 Jonny LambRemoved unused G_STR_EMPTY from empathy-ui-utils.h.
2009-01-23 Jonny LambRenamed G_STR_EMPTY to EMP_STR_EMPTY.
2009-01-23 Xavier ClaessensRemoved trailing space. Fixes bug #566549 (Leonardo...
2009-01-15 Xavier Claessensempathy_mission_control_new -> dup_singleton.
2009-01-12 Frederic PetersReuse, and properly destroy, the avatar file chooser...
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensFix some errors made when rebasing on master
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsOnly show pending messages after the log and explain...
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsLet a chatroom keep a reference to a its TpChat if...
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsMake the dispatch operation _get_ functions not return...
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsConvert EmpathyChatroomManager to the new singleton...
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensMake coding style consistent with the rest of the file
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsFix coding style, user the right unique name
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsUse the new call utility function to start calls
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsUse new dispatcher API to get muc channels
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsUse new API to request file transfers
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsUse the new dispatcher api to request text channels
2009-01-09 Sjoerd SimonsPort to the new EmpathyTpChat API
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensSet the right weak pointer.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensPort EmpathyContactManager to the new singleton policy.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensPort to the new singleton API.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensPort EmpathySmileyManager to the new singleton policy.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensPort EmpathyLogManager to the new singleton policy.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensPort EmpathyIdle to the new singleton policy.