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[empathy.git] / libempathy-gtk /
2009-08-10 Frédéric PétersAlways show icons in presence chooser (GNOME bug 591247)
2009-08-10 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'ksz/rfb'
2009-08-10 Arnaud Mailletfix bug #590756 - Renamed x_vnc service to rfb
2009-08-07 Guillaume Desmottesempathy_send_file_with_file_chooser: allow to send...
2009-08-07 Frédéric PétersLet messages with two slashes without spaces in between...
2009-08-06 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'jtellier/empathy-contact-widget-style'
2009-08-06 Louis-Francis Ratt... Move contact when drag'n'dropped (Fix #585443)
2009-08-06 Olivier CrêteCorrectly register the src/sink elements
2009-08-06 Jonathan TellierFixed style
2009-08-06 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinRemove redundant == TRUE/FALSE
2009-08-06 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinFix reduced accuracy concerns
2009-08-06 Will ThompsonMerge branch 'escape-notifications'
2009-08-06 alinrusSet selectable status information
2009-07-29 Nicolò ChieffoWrap text in contact label status (#589846)
2009-07-29 Xavier Claessens - Define EMPATHY_PREFS_CHAT_WEBKIT_DEVELOPER_TOOLS...
2009-07-29 Xavier ClaessensWrap too long line.
2009-07-29 Xavier ClaessensInit flags to 0 to make sure it is never undefined
2009-07-29 Xavier ClaessensAccept gibing NULL widget to empathy_url_show()
2009-07-28 Frédéric PétersSet status text first in presence chooser widget model.
2009-07-27 Frédéric Péterscorrectly display contact names in a11y tools (GNOME...
2009-07-21 Frédéric PétersPut configuration data in XDG_CONFIG_DIRS (GNOME bug...
2009-07-20 Arnaud MailletInstantiate ShareMyDesktop feature in the contact menu...
2009-07-20 Arnaud MailletAdd the new files in Makefile.am
2009-07-20 Arnaud MailletAdd ShareMyDesktop files
2009-07-18 Matthias ClasenRespect the button-images setting
2009-07-17 Gustavo Noronha... Only consider what's clicked a link when priv->hovered_...
2009-07-17 Nicolò ChieffoValidate parameters to fixup_url() and empathy_url_show()
2009-07-16 Nicolò ChieffoEscape window names before saving them in geometry.ini
2009-07-16 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'bigon/mc_free'
2009-07-16 Gustavo Noronha... Make WebKit web inspector available, when using Adium...
2009-07-16 Laurent BigonvilleFree params glist with mc_protocol_free_params_list...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyMerge commit 'jtellier/video-call-button-sensitivity'
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleySmall style fixes
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyCheck CAN_ADD before returning an Add Contact... menu...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyHandle the case where priv->list is not an EmpathyConta...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleySmall coding style fix
2009-07-15 Davyd Madeleyhave EmpathyContactWidget set the account on the accoun...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyDon't override empathy_account_chooser_set_account...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleySet parent for new contact dialog
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyHook up the callback to throw up the standard Add Conta...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyDetermine if the contact is not in the Contact List...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyOnly enable the 'Edit' menu option when the CAN_ALIAS...
2009-07-15 Davyd Madeleycall GetAliasFlags() to determine if an alias can be...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyLook up flags to determine whether or not to display...
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyAdd a FLAGS column to EmpathyContactListStore
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyConvert empathy_contact_manager_can_add() to empathy_co...
2009-07-14 Gustavo Noronha... Merge branch 'fix-585882'
2009-07-13 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-theme-adium.c: remove trailing spaces
2009-07-10 Davyd MadeleyMerge branch 'label-align'
2009-07-10 Jonny LambUse accessor functions instead direct access (Fixes...
2009-07-08 Nicolò ChieffoSupport for history message in Adium themes. Use contex...
2009-07-08 Xavier ClaessensUse atomic operations to manage EmpathyAdiumData refcount
2009-07-07 Guillaume Desmottescan_add_contact_to_account: early return if connection...
2009-07-07 Davyd MadeleyMake EmpathyContactWidget use EmpathyKludgeLabel
2009-07-07 Davyd MadeleyEmpathyKludgeLabel is a child of GtkLabel
2009-07-05 Davyd MadeleyDon't check for Adium themes if Webkit isn't available
2009-07-02 Pierre-Luc BeaudoinList installed adium themes
2009-07-02 Jonathan TellierAdded functions to determine if a contact has video...
2009-07-02 Gustavo Noronha... Merge branch 'fix-585601'
2009-07-01 Will ThompsonMerge branch 'part-reasons'
2009-07-01 Gustavo Noronha... Fix Bug 585601: Adium theme is not reloaded on /clear...
2009-07-01 Sjoerd SimonsMerge branch 'empathy-account'
2009-07-01 Sjoerd SimonsPort libempathy-gtk to EmpathyAccount
2009-06-30 Gustavo Noronha... Fix Bug 585882: Can't easily copy URL's when using...
2009-06-28 Xavier ClaessensMerge commit 'elliot/bug-584703-c'
2009-06-26 Jonathan TellierMove sound related functions to its own module.
2009-06-25 Jonny LambMerge branch 'debugger'
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-theme-manager: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-theme-irc: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-theme-boxes: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-theme-adium: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-spell: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-smiley-manager: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-new-message-dialog: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-log-window: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-contact-menu: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-contact-list-view: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-contact-list-store: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-contact-dialogs: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chat: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chat-view: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-chat-text-view: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-avatar-chooser: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-account-widget: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-account-chooser: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-23 Nicolò ChieffoFix Bug 586133: don't autoscroll on new messages
2009-06-23 Frédéric PétersShow a notification when a contact goes offline or...
2009-06-23 Nicolo ChieffoWorkaround for the "Contact list doesn't appear in...
2009-06-22 Sjoerd SimonsFix coding style and FSF address
2009-06-22 Patryk ZawadzkiAdd working GTK+ theme tracking
2009-06-22 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'status-icon-586645'
2009-06-22 Xavier ClaessensAdd helper API to read info.plist file of an adium...
2009-06-22 Xavier ClaessensMove all data about an adium theme into EmpathyAdiumDat...
2009-06-22 Xavier ClaessensFix typos in plist parser
2009-06-22 Xavier ClaessensFix warning if theme don't have footer_html
2009-06-22 Xavier ClaessensUse tp_g_value_slice_new and tp_asv API for plist parser.
2009-06-22 Patryk ZawadzkiAdd a plist parser and set font family, size and defaul...
2009-06-19 Patryk ZawadzkiPartial fix for bug #586379
2009-06-19 Patryk ZawadzkiStop status_html from leaking
2009-06-19 Patryk ZawadzkiFix bug #585475