Center the 'smiley images' inside the menu items
[empathy.git] / libempathy-gtk / empathy-smiley-manager.c
2014-09-12 Kevin HallerCenter the 'smiley images' inside the menu items
2014-06-15 Giovanni CampagnaEmpathySmileyManager: use the proper Unicode characters
2014-06-15 Giovanni CampagnaBe more compatible with Facebook emoticon codes
2013-09-09 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-09-09 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-08-20 Marco Barisionepixbuf-utils: copy the generic pixbuf-related utily...
2013-08-20 Marco Barisionetpaw-utils: move EMP_STR_EMPTY to tp-aw and rename it
2013-06-26 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-06-26 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-06-17 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gnome-3-8'
2013-06-11 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-05-24 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-05-07 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-05-03 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-05-03 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-04-03 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'gnome-3-8'
2013-04-01 Emanuele AinaReorder header inclusions accordingly to the Telepathy...
2013-04-01 Emanuele AinaUse a flat namespace for internal includes
2013-04-01 Emanuele AinaUse double quotes for all internal headers
2013-03-27 Emanuele AinaDrop unused/redundant header inclusions
2013-03-27 Emanuele AinaConsistently use `#include "config.h"` everywhere
2010-11-25 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'notifications-635500'
2010-11-24 Guillaume Desmottessmiley-manager: clean up memory management of the path
2010-03-04 Sjoerd SimonsMerge branch 'tweaks'
2010-03-04 Guillaume DesmottesStop mapping 'B)' with the face-cool icon
2009-11-30 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'shaunm/dndfiles2'
2009-11-26 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'adium-events'
2009-11-24 Xavier ClaessensAdd comments to explain empathy_smiley_manager_parse_le...
2009-11-24 Xavier ClaessensRemove dead code from EmpathySmileyManager
2009-11-24 Xavier ClaessensIntroduce a new smiley parser that can parse only a...
2009-11-02 Jonny LambMerge branch 'accountz'
2009-10-27 RodolpheAdd new smileys available in the last Icon Naming Spec...
2009-10-01 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'chain'
2009-10-01 Dafydd HarriesMerge commit 'gabriel/fix-581488'
2009-09-30 Gabriel MillaireFix copy clipboard to show smileys and to show name...
2009-07-01 Will ThompsonMerge branch 'part-reasons'
2009-06-28 Xavier ClaessensMerge commit 'elliot/bug-584703-c'
2009-06-25 Jonny LambMerge branch 'debugger'
2009-06-24 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-smiley-manager: remove trailing tabs
2009-06-15 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'jtellier/call-window-video-preview'
2009-06-12 Jonathan TellierFixed code style
2009-06-12 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'ft_ipv4'
2009-06-11 Xavier Claessens - Implement remaining functions on EmpathyThemeAdium.
2009-06-11 Xavier ClaessensAdd path in EmpathySmiley
2009-06-04 Jonny LambMerge branch 'debug'
2009-05-21 Xavier ClaessensMerge commit 'istaz/python-empathy-fix'
2009-05-18 Guillaume Desmottesempathy-smiley-manager: fix coding style
2009-05-15 Frédéric Pétersalways show images in smiley menu items (GNOME #582751)
2009-04-03 Xavier ClaessensRemove unnecessary string dup. Fixes bug #577829
2009-02-11 Olivier CrêteFix type punned pointers warnings
2009-01-23 Jonny LambRenamed G_STR_EMPTY to EMP_STR_EMPTY.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensSet the right weak pointer.
2009-01-09 Xavier ClaessensPort EmpathySmileyManager to the new singleton policy.
2008-12-16 Xavier ClaessensMove the smiley menu code from EmpathyChatView to Empat...
2008-05-05 Xavier ClaessensKeep a priv pointer in the object struct instead of...
2008-04-30 Xavier ClaessensMake use of tp-glib debug system.
2008-03-02 Xavier ClaessensUpdate collabora copyright to 2008
2008-01-13 Xavier ClaessensUse O instead of 0 for smileys face-angel and face...
2007-10-28 Xavier ClaessensAlso accept :$ and :-$ for face-embarrassed
2007-10-28 Xavier ClaessensUpdate to new icon naming spec for new avatars. Fixes...
2007-10-24 Xavier ClaessensCleanup licences and copyrights, Modules with 100%...
2007-09-19 Xavier ClaessensFix a leak.
2007-09-08 Xavier ClaessensMore dynamic smiley managment and more efficient algori...