Merge branch 'log-window-webview'
[empathy.git] / libempathy-gtk /
2011-08-18 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'log-window-webview'
2011-08-16 Danielle MadeleyMake WebKit compulsory
2011-08-05 Guillaume DesmottesAdd EmpathyContactChooser
2011-08-01 Danielle MadeleyAbstract WebKit string parsers into empathy-webkit...
2011-06-09 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortMerge branch 'call'
2011-06-09 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortMove empathy_call_* util functions to libempathy-gtk
2011-06-08 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortNewCallDialog: support Calls
2011-06-08 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'sms-651242'
2011-06-08 Guillaume Desmottesadd an optional dep on geocode-glib
2011-05-26 Raluca Elena Podiuclibempathy-gtk: add dependency on libcheese
2011-03-14 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'glassrose-contact-blocking-rebase'
2011-03-08 Danielle MadeleyBeginning of contact blocking dialog
2011-02-21 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortMove farsight-using sources to src
2011-01-27 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortAdd Contact Search support
2011-01-10 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'glassrose/accounts-supporting...
2010-12-24 Stef Walterlibempathy-gtk: No need to 'egg' gcr-simple-certificate...
2010-12-24 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote branch 'glassrose/enable-disable-accounts...
2010-12-07 Jonny LambMerge branch 'sasl'
2010-12-03 Jonny Lambauth-client: move the password dialog into a new file
2010-11-30 Guillaume Desmottesmove empathy-sound to empathy-sound-manager
2010-11-15 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortMerge branch 'bug-607146'
2010-11-15 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'trivia'
2010-11-15 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'zdra/configure'
2010-11-15 Xavier ClaessensGroup all harddeps in one pkg-config call
2010-11-15 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'vminko/fix-633481-v2'
2010-11-11 Guillaume Desmottesadd EmpathyInputTextView
2010-10-04 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote branch 'sjoerd/master'
2010-10-04 Guillaume Desmottesremove EmpathyKludgeLabel
2010-08-30 Frédéric PétersCheck for gcr-1 when building against GTK+ 3 (GNOME...
2010-08-26 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'irc-widget-588243'
2010-08-25 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-irc-network-chooser-dialog
2010-08-25 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-irc-network-chooser
2010-08-24 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'tls-connection'
2010-08-20 Philip WithnallAdd EmpathyIndividualEditDialog
2010-08-19 Philip WithnallExpand EmpathyIndividualWidget
2010-08-19 Philip WithnallSplit the group editing widgets out of EmpathyContactWidget
2010-08-16 Philip WithnallShow information for all an individual's personas in...
2010-08-13 Cosimo CecchiImport gcr-simple-certificate from gcr
2010-08-13 Cosimo CecchiAdd EmpathyTLSDialog
2010-08-13 Cosimo CecchiDepend on gcr from gnome-keyring
2010-08-11 Philip WithnallAdd EmpathyLinkingDialog
2010-08-11 Philip WithnallAdd EmpathyIndividualLinker
2010-08-11 Philip WithnallAdd EmpathyIndividualWidget
2010-08-11 Philip WithnallAdd EmpathyPersonaStore and EmpathyPersonaView
2010-07-20 Travis ReitterSupport contact adding
2010-07-20 Travis ReitterRe-implement the context menu for Individuals
2010-07-20 Travis ReitterBase the contact list around libfolks metacontacts...
2010-07-08 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'gtk3-621753'
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesuse libcanberra-gtk3 when building with GTK3
2010-07-08 Guillaume Desmottesmove GTK+ check to its own PKG_CHECK_MODULES
2010-07-07 Guillaume DesmottesSimplify checking of the deps
2010-06-18 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'approvers-redone-599158'
2010-06-18 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on telepathy-logger (#610956)
2010-06-18 Danielle MadeleyPort Empathy code to GSettings, remove EmpathyConf
2010-06-08 Felix KaserAdd EmpathyLiveSearch widget
2010-03-15 Guillaume Desmottesstop exporting FAVOURITE_CONTACTS_CFLAGS and FAVOURITE_...
2010-03-15 Travis ReitterAdd a favorite contacts build option and make Moblin...
2010-03-04 Sjoerd SimonsMerge branch 'tweaks'
2010-03-04 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'clickable-link'
2010-03-03 Xavier ClaessensMove empathy_string_parser API to its own file
2010-03-02 Travis ReitterMerge branch 'more-accounts-fixes'
2010-02-26 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'show-assistant-611131'
2010-02-26 Guillaume DesmottesMerge commit 'ka/empathy-tpl-20100225-ifdef'
2010-02-25 Cosimo AlfaranoTPL Enabling patch, all-in-one.
2010-02-18 Danielle MadeleyRename Moblin to Meego throughout Empathy
2010-01-17 Javier JardónSupport silent build rules with automake 1.11
2010-01-13 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'contact'
2010-01-12 Thomas MeireAdd search bar in chat text views (#585168)
2009-12-17 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-new-call-dialog
2009-12-17 Guillaume Desmottesrename empathy-new-message-dialog.ui to empathy-contact...
2009-12-17 Guillaume Desmottesadd empathy-contact-selector-dialog
2009-12-01 Laurent BigonvilleLink libempathy-gtk against libnotify
2009-11-13 Guillaume Desmottesadd stub EmpathyNotifyManager (#601691)
2009-11-13 Guillaume Desmotteslibempathy-gtk/ sort files
2009-10-23 Guillaume DesmottesEnable extra error CFLAGS in libempathy-gtk/
2009-10-20 Jonny LambStop building libempathy{,-gtk} as a shared library...
2009-09-28 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'moblin'
2009-09-27 Cosimo CecchiAdd configure switches for nbtk (off by default).
2009-08-26 Xavier ClaessensMerge branch 'debug-window'
2009-08-25 Xavier ClaessensShip empathy-account-widget-private.h within the tarball.
2009-08-25 Sjoerd SimonsMerge branch 'mc5', fixes bug #590165
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiMove back the account assistant to src/
2009-08-22 Cosimo CecchiImplement first page in the assistant
2009-08-21 Sjoerd SimonsMerge back from master
2009-08-01 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'master' into mc5
2009-08-01 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'sjoerd-mc5' into mc5
2009-07-29 Cosimo CecchiFirst cut at GObject-ifying EmpathyAccountWidget
2009-07-28 Sjoerd SimonsMerge commit 'upstream/master' into mc5
2009-07-20 Arnaud MailletAdd the new files in
2009-07-15 Davyd MadeleyMerge commit 'jtellier/video-call-button-sensitivity'
2009-07-14 Gustavo Noronha... Merge branch 'fix-585882'
2009-07-10 Davyd MadeleyMerge branch 'label-align'
2009-07-07 Davyd MadeleyMake EmpathyContactWidget use EmpathyKludgeLabel
2009-07-06 Sjoerd SimonsTransform profile chooser into a protocol chooser
2009-07-01 Will ThompsonMerge branch 'part-reasons'
2009-06-28 Xavier ClaessensMerge commit 'elliot/bug-584703-c'
2009-06-26 Jonathan TellierMove sound related functions to its own module.
2009-06-25 Jonny LambMerge branch 'debugger'
2009-06-22 Patryk ZawadzkiAdd a plist parser and set font family, size and defaul...
2009-06-12 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'ft_ipv4'