Updated Oriya Translation
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2009-08-07 Guillaume DesmottesUse the official MSN icon (#576467)
2009-06-28 Xavier ClaessensMerge commit 'elliot/bug-584703-c'
2009-06-12 Cosimo CecchiMerge branch 'ft_ipv4'
2009-06-11 Guillaume Desmottesimport im-meanwhile from Pidgin
2009-04-20 Davyd MadeleyMore icon sizes
2009-04-20 Davyd MadeleyIcons from Firefox
2009-02-26 Davyd MadeleyCompile icon cache for private icon repo as well as...
2008-08-12 Xavier ClaessensAdd QQ profile and icons
2008-08-12 Xavier ClaessensAdd gadugadu profile and icons
2008-01-14 Xavier ClaessensScalable images are .svg no .png
2008-01-12 Xavier ClaessensAdd im-sip icon picked from pidgin.
2008-01-12 Xavier ClaessensCleanup icons: Regenerate icons from SVG at 16, 22...
2007-12-17 Xavier ClaessensAdd 22x22, 24x24 and 48x48 status icon sizes. Partly...
2007-11-03 Xavier ClaessensInstall SVG status images as scalable. Fixes bug #492984.
2007-10-28 Xavier ClaessensRename icons to follow fd.o icon naming spec. Move...