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[empathy.git] / configure.ac
2012-03-20 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.92
2012-03-20 Guillaume Desmottesactually check the required clutter-gtk version
2012-03-20 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on a specific version of clutter-gst
2012-03-16 Guillaume DesmottesBump Gtk+ dep
2012-03-15 Guillaume DesmottesBump geoclue dep
2012-03-13 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote-tracking branch 'gulic/buttons-668464'
2012-03-12 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'em/fix-highlight-roundedn...
2012-03-12 Guillaume Desmottesrounded-rectangle: use the 'draw' signal
2012-03-12 Guillaume DesmottesMake use of new Clutter macros to check API we are...
2012-03-12 Sjoerd SimonsRevert dependency on champlain 0.14 to 0.12
2012-03-12 Sjoerd SimonsDon't use both AM_GNU_GETTEXT and IT_PROG_INTLTOOL
2012-03-07 Guillaume DesmottesMake use of new GLib macros to check API we are using
2012-03-07 Guillaume DesmottesMake use of new GTK+ macros to check API we are using
2012-03-06 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2012-03-06 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.91
2012-03-02 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2012-03-02 Guillaume Desmottesprepare
2012-03-02 Guillaume DesmottesMerge branch 'empathy-av-ocrete'
2012-03-01 Olivier CrêtePort Empathy-av to Telepathy Farstream
2012-03-01 Guillaume DesmottesAllow to build with empathy-av
2012-02-24 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2012-02-24 Guillaume Desmottesprepare
2012-02-22 Guillaume DesmottesUse champlain 0.14
2012-02-21 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2012-02-21 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.90
2012-02-21 Guillaume Desmottesstop checking for empathy-av deps
2012-02-21 Guillaume Desmottesalways build empathy-call
2012-02-21 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'glassrose/debug-window...
2012-02-21 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on tp-farstream 0.2.1
2012-02-21 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/call1' into master...
2012-02-21 Guillaume Desmottesdepend on tp-glib 0.17.5
2012-02-17 Javier JardónUse new documentation infraestructure
2012-02-17 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'glassrose/add-All-service...
2012-02-08 Guillaume Desmottesdisable clutter deprecation warnings for now
2012-02-07 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2012-02-06 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.5
2012-01-17 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'master' into call1
2012-01-16 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2012-01-16 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.4
2012-01-10 Xavier ClaessensRemove tp-yell and use TpCallChannel
2011-12-22 Guillaume DesmottesCheck for champlain 0.12.1
2011-12-19 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-12-19 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.3
2011-12-14 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on folks 0.6.6
2011-11-29 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'jonny/ft'
2011-11-28 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on tp-glib 0.17.3
2011-11-21 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-11-21 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.2
2011-11-18 Sjoerd SimonsBump telepathy-farstream requirement
2011-11-09 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'status-icon-663567'
2011-11-08 Guillaume Desmottesdepends on tp-glib 0.17.0
2011-11-08 Danielle MadeleyRemove dead files codec-preferences and element-preferences
2011-11-07 Danielle MadeleyMake GOA optional again
2011-11-07 Danielle MadeleyAdd missing AC_MSG_RESULT
2011-11-05 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'ui-fixes'
2011-11-04 Xavier ClaessensImport Facebook and windows Live GOA accounts
2011-10-25 Guillaume DesmottesWe need to pass a description to AC_DEFINE
2011-10-25 Guillaume DesmottesDisable GLib deprecation warnings for now
2011-10-24 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-10-24 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.3.1
2011-10-14 Will Thompsonconfigure: depend on tp-glib with Subject.
2011-10-14 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote-tracking branch 'pochu/upgrade-software'
2011-10-14 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote-tracking branch 'pochu/error-dialog'
2011-10-14 Danielle MadeleyMerge remote-tracking branch 'pochu/misc-fixes'
2011-10-14 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch: 'Add top-up link to chat text when there...
2011-09-28 Xavier ClaessensUse g_cclosure_marshal_generic for all signals
2011-09-26 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-09-26 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.2.0
2011-09-20 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'crash-659118'
2011-09-19 Guillaume Desmottesremove release flag
2011-09-19 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.1.92
2011-09-15 Guillaume DesmottesMerge remote-tracking branch 'pochu/call-reuse-windows...
2011-09-12 Philip Withnallindividual-manager: Port to the new individuals_changed...
2011-09-09 Emilio Pozuelo MonfortRequire Clutter 1.7 for empathy-call
2011-09-08 Will ThompsonMerge branch '657335-Preferences-Calls-Tab'
2011-09-06 Guillaume Desmottesuse champlain 0.12
2011-09-06 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'remove-cc-plugin'
2011-09-06 Guillaume Desmottesremove release flag
2011-09-06 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.1.91
2011-09-06 Danielle MadeleyInitial work on a GNOME Online Accounts Mission Control...
2011-09-02 Danielle MadeleyRemove control centre plugin
2011-09-01 Cosimo Cecchibuild: fix typo in configure summary
2011-09-01 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'timezones-656189'
2011-08-31 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-08-31 Guillaume Desmottesprepare
2011-08-31 Frédéric Pétersbuild: use an autoconf macro to get to -lm
2011-08-29 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-08-29 Guillaume Desmottesprepare 3.1.90
2011-08-25 Will ThompsonConfigure: produce useful dependency errors
2011-08-25 Will ThompsonRevert "configure: simplify error path in --enable...
2011-08-25 Will Thompsonconfigure: simplify error path in --enable-call
2011-08-23 Alban CrequyAdd a configure option for GProf
2011-08-22 Guillaume Desmottesremove released flag
2011-08-22 Guillaume Desmottesprepare
2011-08-22 Jonny LambMerge remote-tracking branch 'pochu/preview-position'
2011-08-22 Jonny LambMerge remote-tracking branch 'pochu/request-message'
2011-08-19 Laurent BigonvilleFix call-event.h detection
2011-08-18 Guillaume DesmottesDepend on telepathy-glib 0.15.5
2011-08-18 Danielle MadeleyMerge branch 'log-window-webview'
2011-08-17 Javier Jardónconfigure.ac: Generate xz tarballs with ustar format...