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[empathy.git] / TODO
2008-08-01 Xavier ClaessensLink to which is more...
2008-03-10 Xavier ClaessensRemoved some tasks from TODO
2008-02-17 Xavier ClaessensMerge commit 'cassidy/irc'
2007-12-29 Xavier ClaessensRevert "merge git work"
2007-12-29 Xavier Claessensmerge git work
2007-12-29 Xavier ClaessensRemove import gossip theme task, it's done now
2007-11-21 Xavier ClaessensUpdated.
2007-06-30 Xavier ClaessensBump MC version required to 4.27. Updated.
2007-06-22 Xavier ClaessensRename all filenames starting with "gossip" by "empathy...
2007-06-13 Xavier ClaessensNew window for viewing logs.
2007-06-06 Xavier ClaessensAdd support for blinking when there is an event. Make...
2007-05-31 Xavier ClaessensNo need to RequestHandle, MissionControl has API to...
2007-05-31 Xavier ClaessensFix warning when selecting all accounts.
2007-05-20 Xavier ClaessensAllow to set custom function for getting groups of...
2007-05-19 Xavier ClaessensFix indentation Fix not returning the contact in tp_con...
2007-05-14 Xavier Claessenspo/
2007-05-09 Xavier Claessens[darcs-to-svn @ New object: EmpathyStatusIcon]
2007-04-26 Xavier Claessens[darcs-to-svn @ Updating TODO]
2007-04-25 Xavier Claessens[darcs-to-svn @ initial import]