2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina: wait 7 days before allowing same track wip/stamina
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina: record played tracks
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina: log playlist computation time
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina: compute shorter playlists
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina: kill player after timeout
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersadd "create_jingles" management command, to create...
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersadd jingle_id properties to occurence slots
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina: add "soft stop" in nonstop zones
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina: play for real
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétershandle mix deliveries
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersinclude timestamp in print()
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina: adjust stream timeout for late starts
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétershandle recurring streamed diffusions
2020-07-02 Frédéric Péterssignal & stuff
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersstamina
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersmodels: allow recording log lines without file id
2020-07-02 Frédéric Pétersadd direct track reference into logline record
2020-06-22 Frédéric Pétersmisc: update publish to icecast command for python3
2020-06-21 Frédéric Pétersbuild: ship xml templates for palinsesti
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersbuild: distribute translation files
2020-06-20 Frédéric Péterstrivial: ship
2020-06-20 Frédéric Pétersdebian: declare dependencies
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersadapt python2 syntax in publish to icecast command
2020-06-18 Frédéric Pétersdebian: add missing comma in depends line
2020-06-17 Frédéric Pétersadd a settings for jingles path prefix
2020-06-16 Frédéric Pétersfix missing reference to new app settings
2020-06-14 Frédéric Pétersuse new settings
2020-06-14 Frédéric Pétersfix way to get app settings
2020-06-14 Frédéric Pétersget local/remote base path from settings
2020-06-14 Frédéric Péterscommands: display tracks creation progress in verbose...
2020-06-14 Frédéric Pétersadd recurring random directory occcurences
2020-06-14 Frédéric Pétersadd random directory diffusion to admin
2020-06-14 Frédéric Pétersadd special model for random directory segments (mix...
2020-05-28 Frédéric Pétersmisc: add debian packaging
2020-05-28 Frédéric Pétersbuild: update to build translations, generate...
2020-05-21 Frédéric Pétersadd model for concrete stream occurences
2020-05-21 Frédéric Pétersadapt jingle methods to real contents of its filepath...
2020-05-21 Frédéric Pétersadd switch to compute-durations to handle jingles
2020-05-21 Frédéric Pétersmisc: remove unused imports
2020-05-18 Frédéric Pétersignore jingles with unknown duration
2020-05-17 Frédéric Pétersadd model for recurring streams
2020-05-17 Frédéric Pétersadd string representation of artists
2020-05-17 Frédéric Pétersadd string representation of tracks
2020-05-17 Frédéric Pétersmake compute durations print progress
2020-05-17 Frédéric Pétersmake --all flag of compute-durations effective
2020-05-17 Frédéric Pétersrename streamed diffusion model as it's now used for...
2020-05-17 Frédéric Pétersadd model to store jingles for nonstop zones
2020-05-17 Frédéric Pétersmisc: add helper properties
2020-05-16 Frédéric Péterstranslation update
2020-05-16 Frédéric Pétersget duration using function from django-panik-emissions
2020-05-16 Frédéric Pétersremove empty diffusions once they've been removed from...
2020-05-16 Frédéric Pétersfix removal of scheduled diffusions
2020-05-16 Frédéric Pétersdon't provide a default jingle for sound diffusions
2020-05-16 Frédéric Pétersmove soma scheduling to a management command
2020-05-16 Frédéric Pétersuse streamed diffusion objects for persistence of sound...
2020-04-08 Frédéric Péterstrivial: style
2020-04-08 Frédéric Péterstreat sox output as strings
2020-03-21 Frédéric Pétersuse 5 minutes slots for sounds missing durations
2020-03-10 Frédéric Pétersfix check for jingle
2020-02-28 Frédéric Pétersmake jingle optional
2020-02-11 Frédéric Pétersget diffusion pk as arg when deleting a stream
2020-02-11 Frédéric Pétersadd view to remove a stream from soma
2020-02-03 Frédéric Pétersstop encoding csv exports
2020-01-31 Frédéric Pétersdon't let soma loop short sounds
2020-01-24 Frédéric Pétersraise errors when soma directory is not available
2020-01-07 Frédéric Péterstranslation update
2020-01-07 Frédéric Pétersselect first stream by default
2020-01-07 Frédéric Pétersfix jingle path in palinsesti
2020-01-07 Frédéric Pétersfix display of post message on successful soma programming
2020-01-07 Frédéric Pétersadd possibility to set jingle of diffusions
2020-01-07 Frédéric Pétersinclude streamed diffusion id in soma palinsesti
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd view to play jingle
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd flags to mark default jingles
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersorder streams & jingles
2020-01-06 Frédéric Péterssoma: send ET.tostring() as is, it's already bytes
2020-01-06 Frédéric Péterssoma: strip "ok" message received before palinsesto
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd string representation for jingles
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersdon't include path to track for stream diffusions
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersfix check for soma errors
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd view to add streamed diffusion
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd streamed diffusion model
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd stream model
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd migration for blank jingle durations
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersallow blank durations
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd jingles to django admin
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersadd jingle model
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersuse low-level socket module to manipulate soma
2020-01-06 Frédéric Pétersremove soma check when looking if file is scheduled...
2020-01-04 Frédéric Pétersdon't keep duplicated file and do not create duplicated...
2020-01-04 Frédéric Péterscheck file is defined before checking it exists on...
2020-01-04 Frédéric Pétersuse print function in management commands
2019-10-25 Frédéric Pétersalso set new track if there was none
2019-10-25 Frédéric Pétersallow "duplicate" track if original is no longer available
2019-09-26 Frédéric Pétersimport StringIO from six
2019-09-04 Frédéric Péterstemplates: style tables
2019-08-30 Frédéric Péters1.11: use dictionary as context
2019-08-21 Frédéric Pétersdo not create a duplicated nonstop file object on dupli...
2019-08-19 Frédéric Pétersadd filter to exclude sound fragments
2019-08-06 Frédéric Pétersadd translation
2019-08-06 Frédéric Pétersadd an error message when trying to double book a diffusion