make it possible to filter newsitems by category
[django-panik-combo.git] / panikombo /
2015-05-31 Frédéric Pétersmake it possible to filter newsitems by category
2015-05-31 Frédéric Pétersadd support for backlinking topiks
2015-05-25 Frédéric Pétersadd Topik object, wrapper around Page
2015-05-25 Frédéric Péterscreate additional label from title
2015-05-25 Frédéric Pétersadd newsitem auto selection
2015-05-25 Frédéric Pétersadd episode auto selection cell
2015-05-20 Frédéric Pétersonly include soundfiles that are podcastable
2015-05-20 Frédéric Pétersadd minimalistic 'episode' cell type
2015-03-15 Frédéric Pétersdefine additional label for soundfile cells
2015-03-12 Frédéric Pétersinitial version