2020-03-23 Frédéric Pétersalso accept files according to their extension main
2020-03-23 Frédéric Pétersget youtube audio duration in seconds
2020-03-22 Frédéric Péters"rename" as botaradio
2020-03-22 Frédéric Péterssend message at ten seconds mark
2020-03-22 Frédéric Pétersonly update every seconds when there's a sound playing
2020-03-22 Frédéric Pétershide buttons acting on files (rescan etc.)
2020-03-22 Frédéric Pétersremove "music library" unnecessary title
2020-03-22 Frédéric Pétershide all play modes
2020-03-22 Frédéric Pétersset custom title
2020-03-22 Frédéric Pétersdisplay track duration and elapsed time when playing
2020-03-21 Frédéric Pétersremove tags section
2020-03-21 Frédéric Pétersdon't display autoplay button
2020-03-16 Terry Gengfix: multi-line message, fixed #103
2020-03-15 Terry Gengchore: update pymumble, fix #95
2020-03-15 Terry Gengfix: error when fetching tags for above 1000 songs...
2020-03-14 Terry Gengfix: 'jump' doesn't play the music if paused.
2020-03-12 Azluxfix new line
2020-03-12 AzluxFix bad source URI
2020-03-12 AzluxFix : It's a major release
2020-03-12 Azluxlet's release the kraken
2020-03-12 Terry GengMERGED develop to master
2020-03-12 Terry Gengfeat: advanced url processing, whitespaces issue
2020-03-12 Terry Gengfeat: advanced url processing
2020-03-12 Terry Gengfix: optimized urlban logic
2020-03-12 Terry Gengfix: refresh video metatdata after validation
2020-03-12 Terry Gengfix: rebuild dir cache after uploading
2020-03-12 Terry Gengfeat: save theme to the localStorage
2020-03-12 Terry Gengfeat: oust will clear the playlist in one-shot mode
2020-03-12 Terry Gengfix: fix KeyError when removing item
2020-03-11 Terry Gengfeat: add dark mode in the web interface
2020-03-11 Terry Gengfix: url wasn't cleared after added in the interface
2020-03-11 Terry Gengchore: removed workaround for pymumble issue
2020-03-10 azluxMerge pull request #100 from Lartza/pep8
2020-03-10 LartzaRemove newline
2020-03-10 LartzaCleanup
2020-03-10 LartzaPEP8
2020-03-10 azluxMerge pull request #99 from Lartza/develop
2020-03-10 LartzaDon't lookup tags unnecessarily #93
2020-03-10 Terry Gengfix: update pymumble #95
2020-03-10 Terry Gengfix: indent typo. update pymumble
2020-03-10 Terry Gengfix: delete file if ffmpeg failed
2020-03-10 Terry GengMerge pull request #96 from Lartza/develop
2020-03-10 LartzaFix ffmpeg pipe on Windows
2020-03-10 LartzaHandle KeyError for radio title
2020-03-10 Terry Gengfix: ducking mode eating memory #95
2020-03-10 Terry Gengfeat: Lartza's urlban idea #91, fixed private message
2020-03-10 Terry Gengfix: web interface radio display error, #94
2020-03-10 Terry Gengfix: optimize database logic, fixed #93
2020-03-10 Terry Gengfix: you are not in my channel when joinme #92
2020-03-09 Terry Gengfeat: tag current song
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfeat: 'delete' command to remove files from library
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: radio issue
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: broken pause
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfeat: reverse the color of play mode button
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfeat: optimized autoplay with Lartz
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: typo in web interface
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: you can't just feed play_url wrong things
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: still one-shot
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfeat: 'search' command to search the db, and 'shortlist...
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: file metadata not saved when scanning
2020-03-08 Terry Gengchore: remove debug error marks
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: wrong place to place the lock
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: util failed on some strange encoded files
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: no admin check for dropdatabase
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfeat: web interface more tag support
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfeat: web interface tag support
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfeat: add tags, remove tags, play tags, find tags #91
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: music not saved after downloading. some tricky...
2020-03-08 Terry Gengfix: delete item keyerror #91
2020-03-07 Terry Gengfix: delete item from library #91
2020-03-07 Terry Gengfix: tmp folder issue, more logs #91
2020-03-07 Terry Gengfix: web interface add url issue #91
2020-03-07 Terry Gengfix: oneshot, #91
2020-03-07 Terry Gengfeat: some tags function
2020-03-07 Terry Gengfeat: add automode into the webinterface #91
2020-03-07 Terry Gengfeat: directory cache
2020-03-06 Terry Gengchore: config file.
2020-03-06 Terry Gengfix: minor fixes
2020-03-06 Terry Gengfix: small fixes.
2020-03-06 Terry GengFEAT: AUTOPLAY MODE #91
2020-03-06 Terry GengREFACTOR: MUSIC LIBRARYgit status #91
2020-03-06 Terry Gengfix: small fix
2020-03-05 Terry Gengfix: some small issue
2020-03-05 azluxCreate
2020-03-05 Terry GengREFACTOR: ITEM REVOLUTION #91
2020-03-03 Terry Gengfix: save playlist problem
2020-03-03 Terry Gengfix: update playlist item based on id #90.
2020-03-03 Terry Gengfix: message too long on some extreme cases
2020-03-03 Terry Gengfix: missed file.
2020-03-03 Terry Gengchore: beautified current song display
2020-03-03 Terry Gengfix: youtube playlist related CRAZY issues.
2020-03-03 Terry Gengfix: launch_music didn't wait for downloading #89
2020-03-03 Terry Gengfeat: 'yplay' play the first result. add 'last' command...
2020-03-02 Azluxupdate submodule
2020-03-02 Terry Gengchore: add a debug command 'rtrms' to display current...
2020-03-02 Terry Gengfeat: beautified current song string, fix ytplay index...
2020-03-02 Terry Gengrefactor: replace urllib into requests in
2020-03-02 Terry Gengchore: ytquery error message
2020-03-02 Terry Gengchore: update help